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Friday 25 August 2017

Kala Utsav-2017 - Divisional and District Level Competitions - Guidelines - Rc.No.99, dated:17.08.2017

Kala Utsav-2017-18 is a pioneering celebration of art forms in the school system and continues as ongoing programme. This programme will enhance the life skills of the participants and prepare them as ambassadors of our culture. Kala Utsav-2017-18 provides opportunity to express hidden talents of the students from disadvantaged groups and student with special needs.

            All Art Forms in Kala Utsav-2017-18 should reflect Traditional Art Forms of India.
Areas of Art forms in Kala Utsav-2017.
1.      Music
2.      Dance
3.      Theatre
4.      Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts)
5.      Online Art projects (History, Documenting the facts, Documenting the process of practicing living traditions, write-up.
Teams of students from classes IX to XII studying in all managements including Junior Colleges.
Levels & Time Schedule:
            Kala Utsav-20117-18 will be conducted at three levels.
1.   Divisional Level Competitions: 11-10-17 / 12-10-17
2.   District Level Competitions:  1-11-2017 AND 2-11-2017
3.   State Level Competitions:  22-11-2017 AND 23-11-2017
4.   Uploading of Online Art Projects: 15-10-2017 to 31-10-2017 on you tube.
5.   National Level Competitions in the month of December 2017.
            A team can be formed selecting students from class IX and XII to perform their selected art from. Visual Art team contains 4-6 students. Music team contains 6-10 students. Dance team contains 8-10 students and Theatre team should have 8-12 students.
Awards at National Level:
            Selected district teams will participate at State level. State level selected teams will showcase their talent at National Level. Kala Utsav – 2017-18 awards will be declared by NCERT.  Entry proforma for submitting Kala Utsav – 2017-18 and other details will be communicated later.
       District Educational Officer  constitute a committee consisting of DIET Principal, One faculty from DIET, One Dy.EO., one MEO, one School Complex HM, Representatives from local cultural organizations / Bala Bhavan. DEO is the Chairperson of this committee.
       Keep informing all the activities of Kala Utsav-2017 to the District Collector concerned.
       DEO has to circulate Kala Utsav-2017 agenda and calendar of activities to all schools under all managements and Junior Colleges in their districts.
       All the students studying class IX to XII in all schools under all managements.
       Conduct Divisional Level Competitions as per the schedule.
       Dy.EO., is the responsible person to conduct Divisional Level Competitions.
       Conduct District Level Competitions: 1-11-2017 and 2-11-2017.
       A consolidated amount for expenditure regarding the conduct of Divisional and District level will be released from the RMSA.
       Give vide publicity in print and electronic media about the Kala Utsav – 2017 activities.
       For further details contact Dr. K. Pandu Ranga Swamy Professor, SCERT
Cell No.: 9849332547 and Sri. D. David, Cell No. 9550732869 SCERT.

       For every area of arts, there will be a separate jury consisting of three experts.
       The Jury members will be drawn from educators/practitioners/scholars of the respective art forms.
       Obtain evaluation forms from the Jury members and preserve them.
       In every Jury (Theatre, Dance, Music and Visual Arts) it is advisable to have one expert having experience of working with Children With Special Needs (CWSN).
       Members of the Jury will remain same for all the days of the event.
The Jury will view all art project entries in their respective art forms, one day before the actual final competitions. The evaluation of e-projects by the Jury shall be included in the performance marks.
          All the District Educational Officers, RJDSEs, DIET Principals and Project Officers of SSA in
the State are informed that Government of India Ministry of Human Resource Development going to
cond.uet an-innovative programme Kala Utsav-2017 to promote Arts in Education by nurturing and
showcasing the aesthetic and artistic talent of school students at the secondary school stage in the country. Ministry of Human Resource Development instructed to conduct Kala Utsav-20 17 competitions
in different Art forms i.e., Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Crafts). All the Art forms should reflect traditional Art forms of our State. Students from class IX to XlI studying in all managements including Jr. Colleges are eligible to participate in Kala Utsav-20 17 competitions. The participating teams should submit Online project in the prescribed format.
           All the DEOs are competent authority to conduct Divisional and District level Kalautsav-20 17
competitions. They are informed that constitute a District Level, Committees and Jury Committee to
conduct Kala Utsav-20 17 competitions at Divisional and District level~, District Level First prize winners in each theme has to be participate in State Level competition and after State Level competition first prize winners will be sent to the National Level Competition which will be held at New Delhi. Further DEOs are instructed to appoint Dy.E.O/ G.H.M to lead the programme as nodal officer. They require funds for conduct of Divisional and District level competitions will be released from RMSA.
            The themes, scheduled of activities and Guidelines are annexed.
       The District Educational Officers are informed to give wide' publicity in Print and Electronic
Media about Kala Utsav-20 17 and to give the details of the competitions to all schools under all
managemen.ts including Jr. Colleges.
Please fum ish the report with details of district level and {jivisional level Committee members
and Nodal Officers on or before 12-10-20 I7.
Please contact the following officers for necessary information.
I. Dr. K. Pandu Ranga Swamy, Professor, SCERT - 9849332547
2. Sri. D. David, SCERT - 9550732869
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