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Monday 17 July 2017

Clarifications on opting in the same gram panchayat - previous station points - Rc.190 dated.17.07.2017

1. If the Headmaster / teacher who have completed 5 years / 8 academic year of service respectively in a gram panchayat, they may not to opt in the same gram panchayat. For Nagar panchayat / municipalities / corporations the teacher shall not opt in the same ward.
2. To allow previous station points ( actual period not exceeding 8 academic years) to the teachers who are under shifting due to Rationalization/merging in 2017 and were affected in rationalization/merging during 2015.
3. The LPs and PETs who are affected due to upgradation of their posts as School Assistants (Lang/Phy. Edn.) may be given their pre-previous stations points not exceeding maximum 8 academic years under Rule 6 (i) from the upgraded station in line with Rule 12, Note 3 of G.O.Ms.No.32 SE (Ser.ll) Dept., Dated:04.06.2017. They shall not be given the Rationalization points.
4. Those teachers who are affected under Rationalization and due to retire from service within 2 years shall be exempted from rationalization. In such case, any willing teacher in the school, or junior most teacher may be identified as surplus teacher.
Download All clarifications Rc.190 dated.17.07.2017

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