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Tuesday 27 June 2017

"Supporting for Professional Education of Children of School Teachers" Calling applications for Grant of Financial assistance for 2014-15-Guidelines and Application Form

i)The scheme is applicable to school teachers only
ii)Financial assistance will be granted to children of school teachers pursuing professional/diploma courses in the fields of engineering, medicine and management. The professional courses for which financial  assistance is granted are as follows:-
a) Engineering degree course of 4 years duration (8 semesters) in the  disciplines of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, Electronics and Telecommunication, computer science, automobile and chemical Engineering, architecture, textiles, mining, rubber technology, naval architecture, petroleum engineering, pharmacy, printing, chemical technology. 
b) Metallurgical engineering, instrumentation and control and aeronautical engineering.
c)Diploma courses of not less than 3 years duration in the disciplines  mentioned above. 
d)Medical courses in Allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurvedic forms of medicines, Veterinary Science.
e) Diploma course of not less than 2 years duration in B.Pharma f) Management courses of duration not less than 2 years after degree course.
 iii) All the columns of application form should be filled in and signed by the teacher. The application should also have the signature and official seal of the Head of the Institution where the teacher is employed and the Secretary Treasurer of the State Working Committee.
iv)The actual fee paid should be clearly indicated in Column 13 of the application. Only original cash receipts are to be enclosed. Photocopies of cash receipts, whether attested or not, will not be accepted. In case, the cash fee receipt(s) is in a regional language, then, in addition to the original cash fee receipts, a translated version in English/Hindi self attested by the applicant teacher should also be submitted
v) A certificate from the college/Institute in which the student is studying should be attached to the application The certificate should contain the name of the student, name of father/mother serving in school, date of admission in the first year and the year (with number of semesters) studied in 2014-15. The certificate should bear the signature of the Principal; a specimen copy of the certificate is enclosed for quidarjce In case, the certificate from 'the college is In a regional language, then, In addition to the certificate, a translated version in English/Hindi self attested by the applicant teacher should be submitted.
vi)The State Working Committee should take into account the .actual fee paid by the applicant on account of tuition/library/laboratory while recommending the financial assistance. It is noticed that in certain cases, fee paid on admission, examination and other miscellaneous items is also
taken into account while recommending cases. Fee paid on such items should not be taken into consideration
In certain cases, cash receipts for a consolidated amount are attached which includes mess charges, hostel fees, etc which are not eligible under the scheme without indicating the actual amount paid towards Tuition fee, Library Fee and Laboratory Fee The teacher should be asked to furnish
the break-Up of such receipts and the amount paid towards tuition, library or laboratory charges, i.e... from the college authorities by way of a certificate The maximum financial assistance payable is Rs 15000/- per year, per case.
vii)Under column 18 of the application, the year and. financial assistance recommended should be mentioned. The recommendations have to be signed by the Secretary-Treasurer. In some cases, it is found missing. In some applications, it is noticed that official seal of Secretary Treasurer State Working Committee are not affixed. Such applications are liable to be rejected
viii) Financial assistance is granted to teachers of those State Working Committees, who have updated their annual contribution
ix) Financial assistance is granted for one academic year only. Teachers can claim assistance in respect of their wards for the academic year 2014-15
ix) No financial assistance is granted to student /ward who has failed or are already recipients of a scholarship etc. Further, no assistance is granted during the period of internship. While forwarding the applications, the State Working Committee should ensure that applications of only passed
students are forwarded to NFTW for financial assistance. Those cases in which the result is awaited may not be forwarded.
xi) Not more than one application from a teacher should be accepted. A teacher can claim assistance in respect of one ward only in a given year.
xii) Priority should be.given to those teachers who have not availed the benefit of the scheme in previous years.
xiii) No financial assistance is granted to student/ward who is/has studying/studied abroad for professional education.
xiv) The number of applications to be forwarded by each State Working Committee should not exceed more than 400 in a year. In case of larger number of applications, State Working Committee may evolve suitable criteria so as to ensure that the specified number of applications is not exceeded. Such criteria may include the teachers having single .girl child, differently aoreo :children, single living parent, student studying/studied in Govt. institution for professional education, the teacher or the spouse is suffering from some chronic ailment 
xv) The State Working Committees are required to ensure that applications submitted by the teachers are complete in all respects and necessary documents are enclosed with it. Incomplete applications or applications without having necessary documents will be rejected. No request for reconsideration of the application will be entertained by the Foundation.
Last date for submission of applications for year 2014-15 is 31 July 2017. Applications received beyond this date will not be considered under any circumstances.
The above guidelines may be strictly followed. Applications beyond the specified number will not be considered. Application form along with  Study Certificate proforma and format for forwarding the applications are enclosed as Annexure-I and Annexure_II

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