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Wednesday 24 May 2017

RMSA-SSA In-service Teacher Training Modules for Primary,Up and HS

Providing quality education to children is a challenging task. Education has to bring out the innate abilities of the children. Teachers need to be motivated towards that direction of giving scope for the children to think and come out with their experiences basing on these lines our text books are refined and brought out a new series of text books.

This particular module is aiming at developing the professional skills along with communicative skills and transaction competencies. At the same time some light is shown on teaching learning process, TLM and reforms in testing and evaluation.
Major goals of this training programme for teachers is to equip them with necessary skills of languages and content to improve the proficiency level of teachers, teaching  in primary,Up and High schools. The course and the modules are developed in such a way to meet the problems faced by the teachers at ground level. All activities given in these modules are having specific purposes, process of transaction and expected outcomes.


➧Telugu       ➧English        ➧Maths        ➧SSA General


➧Telugu      ➧Hindi     ➧English     ➧Maths T.M        ➧Maths E.M     ➧Physical science  

➧RMSA ICT Module

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