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Rc 443,Implementation of Physical Literacy in all schools-Guidelines and time table

Rc.No.443,Dt.21.04.2017 - Implementation of Physical Literacy in Schools - Guidelines for the effective implementation of Physical Literacy (P.L) /TIME TABLE FOR PHYSICAL LITERACY/Collective roles of teachers and Head Masters/III. Specific roles of P.ETs/P.Ds/IV. Assessment/V. Special coaching to games and sports


Period - II (H.E)
Period -VII (P.L)
Period –VIII
IX & X
IX & X
IX & X
Mass Drill


Physical Literacy:

Physical Literacy is the mastering of fundamental movement skills and fundamental sport skills that permit to move confidently and with control in a wide range of physical activity situations.
Physical Literacy is as important as reading and writing. Hence it is the bounden responsibility of everybody to make efforts until Physical Literacy becomes an integral part of our School Education system.
Guidelines for the effective implementation of Physical Literacy (P.L):
  1.  Primary & Upper Primary Schools:
  1. Physical Literacy should be implemented from class I to V with 6 periods in a week for each class. Head Masters should ensure the implementation of 6 periods of Physical Literacy.
  2. Physical literacy should be practiced in the last period in all Primary Schools every day.
  3. In case of Upper Primary schools, Physical Literacy should be conducted for classes 1 -5 during 7th period and for 6 -8 classes during 8th period.
  4. Mass drill should be conducted to all classes on Friday during 7th and 8th periods.
  5. All teachers in the Primary and Upper Primary Schools should participate in Physical Literacy during Physical Literacy period.
  6. Complex School P.ETs/P.Ds will Orient Primary School Teachers on Physical Literacy during Complex meetings and through special sessions at designated schools every month.
  7. Primary School Head Masters shall purchase good quality Physical Literacy materials (Tennekoit balls, Plastic Cones (1 or 1 ½ ft), carom boards, Chess boards, throw balls, plastic balls etc.)/ as suggested by P.E.Ts from appropriate school grants provided under RMSA, SSA.

  1. High Schools:
  1. Physical Literacy Classes:
  1. Physical Literacy should be implemented from class VI to X with 6 periods in a week for each class. Head Masters should ensure the implementation of 6 periods of Physical Literacy.
  2. Out of six periods, 2 periods for Physical Literacy, 2 periods for Yoga, 1 period for Mass Drill and 1 period for Health Education are distributed.
  3. Conduct Meditation for 5 minutes during assembly/1st period in the F.N/ End of Physical Literacy Period.
  4. 7th  period is allotted for VI, VII, 8th period is allotted for classes IX and X. (See time table)
  5. For class VIII, 7th period of Monday & Tuesday; 8th period of Thursday, Friday and Saturday are allotted for Physical Literacy. (See time table) 
  6. Friday is to be allotted for Mass Drill activities for all classes together.
  1. Collective roles of teachers and Head Masters:
  1. All teachers in the school, irrespective of the subject, should participate in the Physical Literacy activities in co-ordination with P.E.Ts along with students. Mathematics Teachers may be involved in Physical Literacy only 2 to 3 days in view of workload on them.
  2. Yoga/meditation should be conducted in classroom without furniture/veranda/ ensuring sufficient space.
  3. The H.M shall ensure that every teacher gets leisure in cyclic manner during Physical Literacy periods (7th and 8th periods) and their active participation without fail.
  1. Specific roles of P.ETs/P.Ds:
  1. P.E.T should attend half an hour before the commencement of school and make arrangements for the effective conduct of school assembly.
  2. P.E.T should take initiative to maintain discipline during intervals and also should take lead at the times of interschool sports and games competitions, rallies, cultural activities, Swatcha Bharath implementation etc.
  3. P.E.T should give professional coaching to the talented students after school hours (4.45 to 5.30 P.M.), to participate in higher competitions at various levels.
  4. Games and sports materials, Physical Literacy literature resource books, should be maintained by the Physical Education Teacher.
  5.  Sports and games material (Sports Kits, skipping ropes, tennekoits, flying disc, chess boards, carom boards, throw balls, hand balls, Plastic cones etc)/ need based, should be procured from available school funds through a resolution of School Development Committee.
  6. P.E.T should discuss with the students about the concepts related to Health Education mentioned in the syllabus. P.ETs should also take initiative to explain the benefits of Physical Literacy to the co – teachers, in terms of happy and healthy living and encourage their participation and individual practice.

 IV.      Assessment:
  1. P.ET should conduct battery test twice in a year for students of class VI to X in the months of August and February of the academic year.
  2. P.E.T should prepare battery test report in excel sheet format as furnished in the annexure – iii, which will be useful for online uploading. Details of online web link will be provided separately. For this year the battery test is already conducted in August 2016. The data should be uploaded now. Necessary preparation may be undertaken to conduct test and upload date in February 2017.
  3. P.E.Ts should maintain all types of registers and records and keep them updated for the visiting officers and also for necessary online data.

  1. Special coaching to games and sports:

  1. P.ET should give equal priority for instructional, participation periods as well as Special coaching periods (4.45 – 5.30). Special period is exclusively for promoting long term Athletic Development program (LTAD)
  2. P.E.Ts should train the selected students during pre-tournament, during tournament and post-tournament. Pre-tournament and Post-tournament practices play vital role in the physical fitness of the students.
  3. There is no exemption for class X students. They should also participate in Physical Literacy activities, yoga and meditation in 8th period every day up to December 31st. This will help them improve their performance in academics.
Download Guidelines and Time Table for the effective implementation of Physical Literacy
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