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Monday 16 January 2017

G.O.Ms No.6 dt.06.01.17-School Education – Conversion of District Centre for English, Guntur into English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI) to impart training to in-service teachers both in English Language Teaching and Teaching of Non Language Subjects in English Medium

 G.O.MS.No.  6 Dated:  16-01-2017
  Read From  the Commissioner  of  School Education,  A.P.  Hyderabad,  Lr No.1142/A/ SCERT/2015,  Dated:  28.04.2015.
In  the reference read  above,  the Commissioner of  School Education,  A.P. Hyderabad has stated that  communication of  English Language has been considered as an important  aspect  over the last  one and half  decades due to  Globalisation and keeping  in  view  the overwhelming demand  from  parents and the society  on English Language,  the  State Government  has introduced English as  a compulsory  subject from  Class I  onwards from  the year 2011-12.  Further,  English  Medium  Sections & Skills have  also  been introduced at  Secondary  level in about  5000 High  Schools.  But, due to  lack of  expertise  in English among  the teachers,  this intervention has not given fruitful results as desired.  The reasons for this situation  may  include (i)  most  of the teaches have come  from  Telugu Medium  background (ii) lack of  regular orientation to  teachers in  teaching the subject  (iii) lack of  regular on job support  (iv) non supply  of  enrichment  and reference  material,  etc.   Hence,  it  is felt that  there is dire need to  strengthen  the proficiency  and professional competence of  teachers in teaching English and non- language subjects  in  English  medium  effectively  in their classrooms.  The need to  improve the proficiency  of  English Medium  Language is also still exist  and to  achieve this goal,  establishment  of  exclusive institutes are very much required to  impart  training to  in-service  teachers in  both English language teaching  and teaching  of  non-language subjects  in English medium.   Hence,  the Commissioner of  School Education,  A.P.  has  submitted a proposal for conversion of District  Centre  for English,  Guntur into  English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI)  to impart  training to  in-service  teachers both  in  English Language  Teaching and Teaching of  Non Language Subjects  in  English  Medium  under the scheme  of financial assistance to  the English Language Teaching  Institute,  sponsored  by Department  of  School Education,  MHRD,  GoI  through EFLU,  Hyderabad.   2. In  the circumstances reported by  the  Commissioner of  School Education,  A.P. Amaravati in the reference read  above,  after careful examination of  the  matter, Government  hereby  accord permission to  the Commissioner of  School Education, A.P.  Amaravati for conversion  of  District  Centre for English,  Guntur into  English Language Teaching  Institute to  impart  training to  in-service teachers both  in English Language Teaching and  Teaching of  Non Language Subjects   in English  Medium under the scheme of  financial assistance to  the English Language Teaching   Institute,  sponsored by  Department  of  School Education,  MHRD,  GoI  through EFLU, Hyderabad. 3. The Commissioner of  School Education,  A.P.  Amaravati and the  Director, SCERT,  A.P.  Amaravati shall take further necessary  action accordingly  and also requested to  make necessary  budget  provision  in the B.E. 2017-18.  4. This order issues  with  the concurrence  of  Finance (EBS-IV-SE) Dept  vide their U.O.  No. 6170/138/EBS-IV-SE/2015,  dated 26.05.2015.

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