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Thursday 14 July 2016

My World in English - A Teacher's Companion Handbook For English Subject By SCERT (Very Useful)

                                A teacher's companion is a handbook meant to be used for reference while using other materials to teach a subject. This is exactly what this reference book is. It accompanies the five textbooks (I toV) of My World in English. As the title suggests, the children come to school with adequate awareness of the world. Now they just learn a new language to talk about it. In the process they also expand their awareness.The textbooks are supported by audio materials available online. These materials are made interesting and useful, so that the children tune themselves to the new language with enthusiasm. Wherever they have a doubt the teachers can refer to the phonetic transcription given in the companion.The companion uses Telugu and English for discussion because the teachers will be required to use Telugu in the classroom to describe and explain a few things. Pedagogical strategies and some lesson plans are given here only as suggestive models. Our teachers are very competent to develop their own strategies and work out their own plans. The teachers will find this small companion very useful in their journey of guiding tender minds through the furrows of a new language.
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