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Wednesday 18 May 2016

AP Go.MS:30 Dt:18/05/2016 AP Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Rules, 2010 - Amendment Notification

GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA  PRADESH ABSTRACT School  Education -  The Andhra Pradesh  Right of  Children  to  Free and Compulsory Education Rules, 2010 - Amendment – Notification Orders –Issued. SCHOOL EDUCATION (PROG.II) DEPARTMENT G.O.MS.No.  30                                                                       Dated: 18-05-2016   Read the  following :- 1.  G.O.Ms.No.20,  School  Education  (PE-Progs.I)  Dept, dated 03.03.2011.
2.  G.O. Ms. No. 130,  School  Education (PE-Prog.I)  Dept dated  09.09.2011.
3.  From the State  Project Director,  SSA,  Hyderabad,  Lr. Rc.No.286/APSSA/A9/2015,  dated :18.04.2016 and 19.04.2016.
ORDER :- In the G.O.  first read  above,  Andhra  Pradesh  Right of  Children  to Free and Compulsory  Education Rules, 2010  have  been issued.  Subsequently, certain amendments made to the said Rules vide G.O. second read above.
2.  In the  letter  third  read  above, the  State Project  Director,  Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad  has informed that the Ministry  of  Human Resource Development, Government  of  India have  issued instructions  for providing  transport  allowance during  the academic  year  2016-17  and accordingly submitted  proposals  for  providing  transport  allowance to  the  children of  6  to  14 years age group, where there are   no availability  of  Primary  and  Upper Primary Schools (  I to  VIII classes)   as specified under  Rule  5 (1)  (a)  and (b)  in  the Andhra Pradesh Right  of  Children to  Free  and Compulsory  Education Rules, 2010 as there is no possibility  for commencing  new  schools in the neighboring areas.
3.   Government, after  careful  examination of  the  proposal  of  the State  Project Director,  Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad,  have decided to amend  the Andhra  Pradesh  Right of  Children  to Free  and  Compulsory  Education Rules, 2010,  issued in  G.O.Ms.No.20  School  Education  (PE-Progs.I) Department dated :03.03.2011, suitably.
 4. The  State  Project Director,  Sarva Siksha  Abhiyan,  Andhra  Pradesh, Hyderabad shall  undertake the survey  every  year  and  finalize the number  of students who are eligible to be provided with transport allowance.
5.   The Commissioner  of  School  Education,  Andhra  Pradesh, Hyderabad and the State Project Director,  Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Andhra  Pradesh, Hyderabad shall take further necessary action accordingly. 6.   Accordingly,  the following  notification will  be published in  an  Extra Ordinary Issue of the Andhra Pradesh Gazette dated :19.05.2016.
N O T I F I  C  A  T I O N
 In exercise of  the powers conferred by  sub-section (1)  of  section  38  of  the Right of  Children to  Free and Compulsory  Education Act, 2009 (Act No.35  of 2009),  the  Government of  Andhra  Pradesh hereby  make  the following   amendments to  the  Andhra  Pradesh Right  of  Children  to  Free  and Compulsory Education Rules,  2010  issued in  G.O. Ms. No. 20, School  Education  (PE.Progs.I) Department dated.03.03.2011 and as amended subsequently;
In the said Rules,  after clause (b)  of  sub rule (1)  of  Rule 5, the  following shall be added, namely, - (c)   Transport  allowance shall  be  provided  to  the  children  within  the  age group of  6 to  14 years where there is no  availability  of  Primary  School (I  to V classes)  within  a radius  of  1(one)  kilometer. (d)  Transport  allowance shall  be  provided to  the children  where there is  no availability  of  Upper  Primary  School (VI  to  VIII  classes)  within a  radius of  3 (three) kilometers.  (BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF ANDHRA PRADESH)
              R.P. SISODIA
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