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Monday 18 April 2016


G.O Ms. No.64                                                                          Dated:17th,April 2016

Read the following:

    G.O.Ms.No.134, Health and Medical (L1) Department dated.29.10.2014.
    G.O.Ms.No.331. Finance (TFR) Department, dated.11.12.2013.
    G.O.Ms.No.64, Finance (TFR) Department, dated.18.03.2014.
    G.O.Ms.No.210, Finance (TFR) Department, dated.15.11.2014.
    G.O.Ms.No.5. Finance (TFR) Department, dated.21.01.2015.
    G.O. Rt .No.83 Health Medical & Family Welfare (L1) Department, dated 25.02.2016


 In the GO sixth read above, guidelines were issued for effective implementation of Employees Health Scheme (EHS). Further, it was suggested that the Finance Department would issue necessary instructions relating to the operation of funds required for the scheme and establish a system for prompt payment to the hospitals providing services. Accordingly, the following guidelines are issued for streamlined management for EHS financial operations.

 The Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) of all departments are hereby ordered to deduct the monthly contribution due to the Employees’ Health Scheme (EHS) from the salary of the employees and forward the schedule of deduction along with the Pay Bills to the concerned treasury every month, viz., DTO / STO/ PAO / Assist PAO, etc.

 The Drawing and Disbursing officers are required to furnish a certificate along with the Pay Bills that EHS contribution has been deducted from the salary of all employees for whom salary is claimed.

  The Treasury Officer in charge shall carefully scrutinise the pay bills and ensure that necessary EHS deductions are made in accordance with the provisions of this scheme.

 Similarly, the District Treasury Officers shall deduct the contribution from the Pensions and prepare a schedule of deductions from the pensions disbursed for the month and enclose a certificate that deductions have been made in respect of all pensioners.

 The Director of Treasuries and Accounts is hereby designated as the Nodal Officer for the overall management of all finances relating to EHS, that include inter alia, monthly deductions of the employee and pensioner contribution, depositing the contributions in the PD account under Head of Account 8342 -00-120-00-11-003-000, for which the Director of Treasuries and Accounts shall be the administrator, accounting, release of funds to the EHS executing agency, the NTR Vaidya Seva Trust, reconciliation, reporting and monitoring.

 The Pay and Accounts Officer and Director of Works Accounts are required to transfer the contribution of employees towards the EHS to the Director of Treasuries and Accounts every month.

 The Finance Department will issue Comprehensive Budget Release Order (CBRO) in the month of April every year, authorising the release of Government’s contribution to the Employees Health Scheme under Head of Account 2210 – 01 M.H. 001- S.H. (10) Government Contribution for Employees.

 The Director of Treasuries and Accounts will draw an amount equivalent to the employees and pensioners’ monthly contribution to the EHS from the account mentioned above at (g) and transfer the same to the EHS – PD Account.  In case of employees on deputation / working on Foreign Service like Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad (APVVP), the procedure followed for the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) shall be followed in case of Employees Health Scheme.

  The Government hereby authorize the Director of Treasuries and Accounts to transfer Rupees Fifty Crores (Rs 50 crores) to the PD Account of the NTR Vaidya Seva as one time advance to establish ‘EHS Revolving Fund’ to be operated exclusively for the purpose of EHS. This amount shall be a permanent advance to the NTR Vaidya Seva for the purpose of EHS and shall be replenished every month or earlier based on the submission of certified statement of expenditure (SOE) by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Trust. At any given time, the Trust would have funds adequate to finance two months of EHS payments in its PD account.

 The Chief Executive Officer of Dr. NTR Vaidya Seva Trust shall settle the claims of the Hospitals relating to EHS within fifteen days of the claim being preferred by the hospital and there shall be no lapse in this regard. Further, the Vaidya Seva Trust shall not mix EHS implementation with other programmes being implemented by the agency.

 The Director of Treasuries and Accounts and the CEO of Dr NTR Vaidya Seva Trust shall reconcile accounts relating to EHS every month before the fifteenth day of the following month and furnish reports to the government.

The Principal Secretary of Medical and Health Department and the Finance Secretary (Expenditure) will jointly review the implementation of EHS every quarter and take immediate remedial action as required to ensure smooth and streamlined implementation of the EHS.

The Steering Committee of the EHS that includes all stakeholders will review the implementation of the scheme periodically and make necessary recommendations for effective implementation of the scheme. This procedure for operation of EHS guidelines shall become operational with immediate effect.
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