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Friday 26 February 2016

Inter Exams - March 2016 Registers and Proformas To Be Maintained By CS / DOs

  Inter Exams - March 2016 Registers and Proformas To Be Maintained By CS / DOs   
            Inter Public Exams Departmental Officers Maintained Registers and Proformas AP Inter Exams Conduct March 2016. Very useful to all who conduct Inter Public Exams Chief Superintendent and Departmental Officers all Proformas and Certificates. Examination Centre Arrangement s Check list and Important Registers Maintained list Download. Before Exam Useful Information, During Exam Useful Information and after Exam Useful Information.
AP Intermediate Exam Conduct CS and DO Maintain Registers & Proformas
List of Registers Names
1. Question Paper Account Register (to be maintained by Dept.Officer)
2. Question Paper Deposit & Withdrawal Register
3. Police Station Register (Daily Q.P Set No. to be noted)
4. Staff Attendance Register.
5. Absentee Statement Register.
6. Bundles Despatch Register(Post Office work)
7. Visitors Register.
8. Answer Scripts & Bar Code Sheet Register (Used / Unused details)
9. Mal Practice Case (M.P Case) Register
Before Exam Useful Information:
1. Examination Letters (6) to S.I, Tahasildar, M.E.O, Medical Officer, APSRTC & Post Office
2. Relieving Orders
3. Figure Statement (Day, Subject & medium wise)
4. Q.P Deposit & Withdrawal proforma
5. Instructions to Invigilators
During Exam Useful Information:
1. Exam Staff ID Cards
2. Seating Plan
3. Room-wise attendance Sheets (Student)
4. Bundle Slips
5. Bundle title page
6. Consolidated Absentee statement
7. M.P Case Proforma
8. M.P Case booking letter to J.S,BIE,A.P
9. Post Office Booking Proforma
10. Answer Books Account (Annexure-I,II,III)
After Exam Useful Information:
1. Post –Examination material submission Letter to RIO
2. Attendance & Acquaintance for Remunerations
3. Exam. Bill Proforma (A.B.C)
4. T.A & D.A Bill form
5. Work done Statement
6. Conveyance Allowance
7. Remuneration rates, admissible, scale of appointment
8. Bill submission Covering letter to J.S (Accounts)
The following material is to be collected from BIE, AP / R.I.O :
1. Nominal Rolls (Centre.N.R & College N.R)
2. Photo Attendance Sheets (Students)
3. Printed Bar-coded sheets & Blank Bar-coded sheets
4. D-forms

5. Answer Scripts & others
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