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Saturday 13 February 2016

>>AP SSA Utilisation Of Recovered Funds from SMCs Certain Instructions issued for Release of Funds to SMCs – Reg

Rc.No.40/F1/AP/SSA 2015 Dt.10.02.2016

Sub :- AP SSA
Utilization of retrieved / recovered funds from SMCs certain instructions issued for release of funds to SMCs – Reg

Ref:- 1.This office Lr.No.40/F1/AP SSA 2015 Dt.06.11.16
2. This Office Procs.40/F1/AP SSA 2015 Dt.18.11.15
3. Note Approval of Vice Chairman, SSA, A.P and Secretary to School
Education GoAP.Dt.28.01.16

In the Reference 1st cited orders were issued to the Bankers with a copy to all the Project Officers for retrieval of available funds in the SMCs account of all 13 Districts and to credit the same to the Account of the DPOs concerned.

In the reference 2nd cited orders were issued to all the Project Officers/ Finance and Accounts of SSA to release an amount of Rs.5000/- from the retrieved funds to each SMC towards Conduct of “Games and Sports” under School Grant and uniform colour wash under Maintenance Grant.

During the course of the Video Conference held on 6.2.16 it came know that many Project Officers of AP SSA have not followed the instructions issued in the reference 2nd read above.

It is therefore all the Project Officers of AP SSA are directed to release the funds to SMCs from retrieved funds for School Grant and Maintenance Grants as per the para 30.1 and 27.4 of Manual on FM & P and the AWP & B of 2015-16

This has got the approval of the Vice Chairman, SSA, A.P and Secretary to school Education Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Addl. State Project Director

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