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Saturday 27 April 2024

AP School Complex Monitoring Committee 2024

AP School Complex Monitoring Committee 2024 Reconstitution of State Level Committee for monitoring and strengthening of school complex component - Orders - Issued


Samagra Shiksha, AP - Quality initiatives - Reconstitution of State Level Committee for monitoring and strengthening of school complex component - Orders - Issued  Rc.No.SS-15024/4/2023-SAMO-SSA Dt: 25/04/2024


Ref: Meeting held on 16.04.2024


The District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha in the state are informed that as per NEP, the objective behind School Complex intervention would be to ensure that every school has: (a) Adequate number of counsellors/trained social workers and teachers (shared or otherwise) for teaching all subjects including art, music science, sports, languages, vocational subjects, etc; (b) Adequate resources (shared or otherwise), such as a library, science labs, computer labs, skill labs, playgrounds, sports equipment and facilities, etc.; (c) A sense of community is built to overcome the isolation of teachers, students, and schools, through joint professional development programmers, sharing of teaching-learning content, joint content development, holding joint activities such as art and science exhibitions, sports meets, quizzes and debates, and fairs.


During the meeting held on 16.04.2024 the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha AP has instructed to reconstitute the state level committee with representatives from SAMO, SCERT, WDC, CSE, Tribal Welfare Department, PMU and also ground level personnel who will be involved in the following scope of work:

  • Defining the themes for the academic year.
  • Agenda finalization on a monthly basis.
  • Brainstorming on introducing the innovative ways of fulfilling the
  • objectives, and
  • Aligning the School Complex and SALT related activities.
  • Attending meetings on a monthly basis.
  • SALT partners will participate in the meetings conducted by quality coordinator on school complex related discussions. Their purpose would be to define the activities in alignment with SALT with respect to their respective TSAs.

The State Project Director is nominated the following personnel for constituting the committee for monitoring and streamlining the School Complex intervention of Samagra Shiksha.

  1. Additional State Project Director, AP SS
  2. S. Prasada Rao, SAMO, APSS
  3. G. Aparna, SAMO, APSS
  4. R. Aruna, SAMO, APSS
  5. A. Suhasini, SIEMAT, APSS
  6. Sri S.Satish, SCERT
  7. Ramamani, SCERT
  8. T. Balakrishna, FLN Consultant, PMU, APSS
  9. Madhuri, KGBV 
  10. Smt. V. Vijaya Durga, O/o CSE, AP
  11. AMO Krishna
  12. Headmaster of ZPHS Penamuluru, NTR dt, School complex Headmaster
  13. One Subject teacher & One Primary teacher
  14. Representative from the WD & CW Department
  15. Representative from the Tribal Welfare Department
  16. Sri Sai Manoj from LFE
  17. Sri K. Suresh from Pratham
  18. Sri S. Babu Rao from Sattava & Kaivalya
  19. Sri M.A. Majeed from EI

The Committee reconstituted will have to monitor the following.

  • In order to re-activate the School Complex functionaries, State Academic Monitoring Officer (SAMO) will be anchoring, Coordinating, Monitoring and organizing of trainings.
  • Academically SCERT will be supporting under the guidance of the Director, SCERT. District level officers will be responsible for monitoring the activities under school complexes.
  • The app which is used by CRPs to record activities happening in School Complexes earlier, it will be revived again so the real time records can be maintained
  • Committee also needs to focus on the mapping of school complexes with support of CSE, IT. it will help fill the gap in the resources within the cluster. For instance: As soon as the teacher marks leave, the app will assign a resource to that school within the complex. So, CSE IT team to support in mapping of complexes and suggesting a platform for the assigning resources.
  • To review the existing school complexes.
  • To get regular feedback from the ground level participants on the school complexes.
  • To identify the gaps present in school complex meetings.
  • Based on the ground level inputs, to suggest insights into better implementation of the school complexes.

The above Committee shall monitor the above works and submit detailed report to the State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha on fortnight basis.


Google form link will be shared for all the stakeholders to fill it and the last date for filling the google form link is 09/05/2024 by 12.00 noon.


The tentative date for first meeting with the reconstituted committee is proposed on 16/05/2024.

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