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Wednesday 1 November 2023

AP School Assembly Daily News, Activates November 2023

AP School Assembly Daily News, Activates November 2023 in Telugu, in English Today's Special, Daily International News, National News, State News, Sports News, District News School Assembly Dailly Proverb, Poem, School Assembly G. K Question.

School Assembly  22-11-2023

Today News

  • Uttarkashi tunnel rescue - Families hope to find light at the end of the tunnel
  • India’s economy to grow 7% in Q2, but likely to slow down in H2: ICRA
  • Andhra Pradesh moves SC against Chandrababu Naidu’s bail, says High Court held a ‘mini-trial’
  • North Korea claims its third attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit was successful
  • Manipur violence will stop if 4,000 looted weapons are recovered: army
  • BYJU’s case: FEMA authority issues show cause notice to Think & Learn Private Limited
  • Supreme Court calls for collaborative efforts to bring children into the adoption pool
  • The farmer is not the villain, only he can tell why he burns his field, Justice Dhulia says
  • Rupee settles 4 paise higher at 83.34 against U.S. dollar
  • Telangana Assembly election 2023: Spotlight on Sircilla, the State’s textile hub
  • TELANGANA: Directorate of Enforcement attaches ₹ 757.77 crore worth properties of Amway India
  • TELANGANA: Represent to Centre afresh on your cadre allocation, HC tells 13 AIS officers
  • Families of 450 fishermen worry about future after fire mishap at Vizag fishing harbour
  • Andhra Pradesh government to flag ‘injustice’ meted out to State after bifurcation in Delhi meeting on November 21
  • MoE, IIT Kanpur’s SATHEE begin outreach to transform exam preparation in KVs, NVs, CBSE Schools
  • CLAT 2024 admit card released at
  • Indian para archers make four more finals, to fight for eight gold medals

Proverb/ Motivation

*We love ourself even after doing thousand mistakes. Then how can we hate others for one mistake. FORGIVENESSES is the biggest gift of life..!!*

నేటి ఆణిముత్యం

*ఎంత భాగ్యమున్న నంతకష్టపు జింత*

*చింతచేత మనసు చివుకుమనును*

*చింతలేకయుంట చెడిపోని సంపద*

*విశ్వదాభిరామ వినురవేమ!*

తాత్పర్యము: *ధనం ఎక్కువ అయిన కొద్ది విచారము పెరుగుతూ ఉంటుంది. ఆటువంటి విచారము చేత మనస్సులో చింత పెరుగుతుందే కాని తరగదు. మనకేమి చింతంటూ లేకుండా ఉండటమే అసలైన సంపద.*

Today's GK

Q: *In which place did Jawaharlal Nehru organised the first Kisan March?*

A. *Paratpgarh*

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