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Wednesday 18 October 2023

PAL Labs 2023-24 Shifting instructions

PAL Labs 2023-24 Shifting instruction PAL lab relocation and shipping of equipment Certain Instructions Issued.


School Education - IT - PAL lab relocation and shipping of equipment - Certain Instructions – Issued.  Rc.No.ESE02-31021/52/2023-IT-CSE  Date:16/10/2023



1.This proc.RC.No.ESE02-31021/99/2018-PMU-CSE , Dt:9/10/2019

2.This office proc. Rc.No.ESE02-31021/99/2018-CSE Dt:17/12/2022. 

3.This office Proc. ESE02-31021/34/2023-IT-CSE, Dt:19/09/2023


The District Educational Officers mentioned in the address entry are informed that, as stipulated in the proceedings outlined in Rc. No. ESE02- 31021/34/2023-IT-CSE, the CSE AP has granted approval for the relocation of PAL (Personalized Adaptive Learning) labs. These low utilized labs will be shifted to newly designated PAL schools for the academic year 2023-24 for optimum utilization. The list of the schools is annexed herewith.


The PAL Lab infrastructure (Tabs, Stands, Headphones, Chargers etc.) shall be handed over to the District Education Officer Offices duly obtaining proper acknowledgement.


The collected functional Tabs shall be utilized to replace any dysfunctional tabs in existing PAL Schools, in coordination with the implementing partner M/s ConveGenius and the DNOs stationed at their respective DEO offices. If any tabs are found to be unaccounted, the same shall be recovered from the concerned Headmster.


Therefore, the District Educational Officers of Vizianagaram, East Goadavari, Prakasam, Nandyal, Nellore, Tirupathi, Chittoor and Annamayya are of the 8 Districts are requested to follow the above instructions and ensure smooth transition process.


Encl: Annexure.

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