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Wednesday 9 August 2023

PMSHRI Schools Phase 2 Selection Process

PMSHRI Schools Phase 2 Selection Process PMSHRI Scheme Second phase of selection process

Samagra Shiksha, A.P - SIEMAT - “PMSHRI scheme” - Second phase of selection process will commence from 01.08.2023 - Instructions to RJDSEs, DEOs and APCs - Reg. Rc.No.SS-15022/80/2022-SAMO-SSA, Dt: 06/08/2023


Ref: D.O.No.1-7/2023-IS.19, Dt:31.07.2023    of the Additional Secretary, DoSE&L, New Delhi.


The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, District Educational Officers and Additional Project Coordinators of Samagra Shiksha are invited to the reference cited and it is informed t h a t MoE, GoI has informed that t h e Cabinet has approved a new centrally sponsored PM SHRI (PM Schools for Rising India) scheme on 07th September 2022 that aims to establish more than 14,500 schools across India with comprehensive interventions to promote transformation in equity, access, quality, and inclusion. The online portal of PM SHRI schools has been launched on 03.11.2022. The first phase of selection process through transparent challenge method has already been completed dated 28.03.2023. A total number of 6,448 schools have been selected in the 1st phase of selection process as PM SHRI Schools.


The MoE, GoI has further informed that the selection of schools under PM SHRI Scheme for second cycle will be done through a transparent challenge method wherein Schools will self-apply on the online portal. A pool of eligible schools will be identified based on minimum benchmarks through UDISE+ data. These schools will compete in challenge method to fulfill certain criteria, and their fulfillment will be certified through physical inspection by States/ UTs/ KVS/ NVS.


The MoE, GoI has further requested the state to update the UDISE+ data pertaining to the minimum benchmarks so that they can compete in the challenge method of selection process. Further, it is requested to ensure adequate number of Secondary/ Senior Secondary Schools compete in the challenge method during the second phase of selection so as to maximize the reach of the PM SHRI Scheme.


In this regard the second phase of selection process will commence from 01.08.2023. The Online Challenge portal will remain open for application, verification and approval for Schools/ District/ State/ UT/ MoE as per the tentative schedule below:

Tentative Schedule for second cycle of selection process





Opening of Online Challenge Portal

1st August, 2023


Last date for Schools to apply

Till 21st August 2023


District (For Verification)

Till 31st August 2023


State/ UT (For Verification & Approval)

Till  5th       September 2023


MoE (For Final Selection)

Till 15th     September 2023


In this regard, it is informed that the selection of PM SHRI schools is a time bound process and it needs to be completed within the specified timeline. The RJDSEs, DEOs and APCs shall work out the various needs and the preparatory work at the ground level for better coordination and monitoring of PMSHRl scheme. The success of the PMSHRl scheme will depend upon the co-operation and co-ordination of all the Districts. Development in this regard shall be conveyed to this office at the earliest.


Therefore all the RJDSEs, DEOs and APCs in the state are instructed to follow the timelines for selection of second phase of schools under PM SHRI scheme and further instructed to update the UDISE of the schools.


Encls: ref cited

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