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Saturday 26 August 2023

AP Teachers Medical Reimbursement Bills Status Instructions to DDOs

AP Teachers Medical Reimbursement Bills Status Instructions to DDOs Teachers Frequently approaching CSE office for Pursuing of Medical Reimbursement Bills S - Certain Instructions Issued


School Education – Medical Attendance - Teachers Frequently approaching CSE office for Pursuing of Medical reimbursement bills status - Certain Instructions Issued - Regarding Rc.No. ESE02-24/37/2023-MDCL-CSE  Dated: 26/08/2023


All the District Educational Officers in the state are hereby informed that, it is noticed that number of teachers are approaching this office frequently to know about their medical Reimbursement bills status and for sanction proceedings copy, even though the said sanction proceedings are already dispatched through online ( and offline in special cases under Covid and pensioners ) from this office since last 02 years.


Further, it is informed that, after receiving the scrutiny reports from Dr.YSR Arogyasri Health Care Trust through online /ofine, sanction proceedings have been approved and dispatched immediately without any delay to the respective DDOs logins through online/ofine by this office. But, the concerned DDOs i.e., Head Masters/Mandal Educational Officers/Deputy Educational Officers are not verifying status properly in their Medical Reimbursement CSE Login ( H.M Login & School Login ) and informing the teachers that" the sanction proceedings are not received by them" and to get the orders from the CSE Office. Due to this reason, number of teachers are coming to this office from far away places to know about their bills status. This causes lot of inconvenience to the teachers, in addition to spending money on their travel etc. As explained above, nobody has to come to CSE office for fnding out the status of their medical bills or getting it cleared.


Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to issue necessary instructions strictly to all the respective DDOs i.e., Head Masters/Mandal Educational Officers/Deputy Educational Officers etc. in their Jurisdiction to verify the Medical Reimbursement Bills in CSE Login regularly and inform the status to the respective teachers from time to time for taking further course of action. This message has to be communicated to all teachers and shared widely in all teachers groups.


In case if any teacher/employee approaches this office to obtain sanction proceedings copy or for any other information of Medical Reimbursement Bill even after the sanction proceedings are dispatched by this office through Online/Ofine, it shall be treated as the failure of the DEOs and DDOs concerned and necessary disciplinary action will be initiated against them for their failure in complying with government instructions and causing inconvenience to the employees.


Further, they are once again informed that all the medical reimbursement bills in respect of teaching and non-teaching staf shall be submitted through Online only from the concerned DDO Logins and physical bills will not be entertained, and to strictly follow the instructions already issued by this office in this regard.


Any deviation in the matter will be viewed seriously.

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