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Friday 5 May 2023

AP Schools Enrollment Drive, Preparedness 2023-24 Guidelines, Action Plan

AP Schools Enrollment Drive, Preparedness 2023-24 Guidelines, Action Plan for 100% Enrolment and School Preparedness for the Academic Year 2023-24

AP Schools Enrollment Drive, Preparedness 2023-24 Guidelines, Action Plan for 100% Enrolment and School Preparedness for the Academic Year 2023-24:

AP Schools Enrollment Drive, Preparedness 2023-24 Guidelines, Action Plan

A) Guidelines:

  • Census updation of school age children in the catchment area of respective schools
  • Updation of the school age children census register with the help of teachers, Anganwadi teachers, Village/ ward volunteers, Education and welfare assistants and ANMs by the headmaster.
  • Preparation of school age children list, age-wise, gender-wise and category-wise.
  • Share the consolidated data to the respective CRPs to consolidate Village/ School Complex/Mandal level-list. 
  • Submission of the final mandal level list by MEO to the respective DEO.
  • List out Anganwadies in the jurisdiction of School complex. 

B) Enrollment Drive:

  • Conduct of the parent-teacher meeting along with Parents committee, Sarpanch/ ward members/ ward councilors/ corporators/ the respective public representatives and Education and welfare assistant on enrollment by the headmaster.
  • Display the list of school age children in the meeting.
  • Preparation and display of the banners/ posters related to the school achievements, MBNN, JVK, MDM, AMMA VADI and other education related schemes at main centers in the village.
  • Conduct rallies to mobilize the public.
  • Identification of the 5+ age/ Anganwadi completed children to enroll in nearby schools. 
  • Identification of the 2nd class completed children in the Foundation school to enroll in 3rd class in nearby schools.
  • Identification of the 5thclass completed children in the primary school to enroll in 6th class in nearby Pre high school/ high schools.
  • Identification of the 7th / 8th class completed children in the Pre High School to enroll in 8th/ 9thclass in nearby high schools.
  • Issue record sheet/ Transfer certificate to the students for getting admission into higher classes and ensure their admission in Govt or any other institutions.
  • Admitting the identified students during the enrollment drive into the schools. 

C) Data consolidation of outgoing children:

  • Track the details of SSC completed children about their admission into the next level Educational Institutions.  
  • Track the details of the students who are taking Record sheet/ Transfer Certificate from 1st to 9th classes. 
  • Preparation of consolidated report of withdrawals and admissions during the year.

D) Consolidation of Dropouts List:

  • Preparation of the list of never enrolled/ dropouts/ child labour identified during enrollment drive. 
  • Take up a special enrolment drive to enroll such children into RSTC/ NRSTC / regular schools in age-appropriate classes. 
  • Submission of consolidated report and list of children to the MEO for further necessary action.

E) School Preparedness:

  • Start the admission process during enrollment drive. 
  • Ensure the school safety measures before reopening of the school.
  • Cleaning of school premises, roof tops, play grounds.
  • Cleaning of water tank/ R.O Plants/ Drinking water supply.
  • Cleaning of toilets and maintain running water supply to the toilets.
  • Carryout the minor repairs if any.
  • Cleaning of kitchen shed, utensils and disposal of expired consumable stock if any. 
  • To avoid electrical shocks, carry out the electrical repairs if any. 
  • Procure the laboratory material. 
  • Ensure the sufficient number of JVK kits.
  • If more number of JVK kits required, place the indent immediately to MEO.
  • Ensure the availability of groceries like rice, eggs, chikkis, ingredients of Ragi malt. 
  • Ensure the availability of records, registers and other necessary stationery.  
  • Prepare institutional plan for the conduct of academic activities for the upcoming academic year.
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