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Saturday 25 February 2023

AP SSC Preparation Guidelines 2023 Day wise Action Plan TOP

AP SSC Preparation Guidelines 2023 Day wise Action Plan TOP Target Oriented Program by CSE Formative Assessment 4 (Slip test) for class x will be cancelled. The pre-final examination will be conducted from 8th March 2023 to 16th March 2023. 

School Education - SCERT AP-Class X Public Exams - Preparation guidelines - issued - Reg  Procs.Rc.No.ESE02/203/2023-SCERT Dated: 25/02/2023


1. Rc.No. G.O.Ms.No. 136 dt. 22.08.2022 

2. Class X public exams Time table.

The attention of all Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Officers in the state is drawn to the examination timetable for Class X public exams issued in reference cited 

It is emphasized that Class X plays a critical role in the life of a student, serving as the first board examination. As a result, parents, teachers, and the entire education department place a great deal of importance on this examination.

Many students face challenges with exam tension and worry about their performance. To mitigate these issues, it is crucial to make proper plans and guidance for students to achieve success in their exams.

Various DCEBS in the state have already begun implementing examination preparation plans with different names, such as DOT (Srikakulam DCEB), PUROGAMI (Nellore DCEB), Cycle Tests (Krishna DCEB), Self-Evaluation and Learning for Future (SELF) (Vizianagaram DCEB), Ananata sankalpam (Anantapur DCEB), and others.

However, it has come to our attention that some districts have not yet started intensive examination preparation. In light of this, it has been decided to introduce a common plan for rigorous revision and examination preparation for Class X students, to be known as Target Oriented Programme (TOP) for Class X. This programme should be implemented in conjunction with regular teaching to ensure that the syllabus is fully covered.

Therefore, all Regional Joint Directors and District Educational Officers in the state are directed to implement the Target Oriented Programme (TOP) for Class X in districts, where specific examination preparation plans have not yet been initiated. The detailed instructions. roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders, model time table is attached herewith for your reference.

Additionally, it has been decided to conduct the pre-final examination for Class X students to provide more practice and familiarization with the new pattern of SSC examinations. The pre-final examination will be conducted from 8th March 2023 to 16th March 2023. The question papers for the pre-final examination will be sent through online mode.

SCERT AP will design the question papers for pre-final examination at the state level. In connection with this, Formative Assessment 4 (Slip test) for class x will be cancelled.

Therefore, please ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for the smooth conduct of the pre-final examinations, the conduct of parent awareness meetings, and the implementation of the Target Oriented Program (TOP) for Class X.

AP SSC Preparation Guidelines 2023 Day wise Action Plan TOP

Guidelines for the conduct of (TOP) Target Oriented Programme:

  • The TOP examination will be worth 20 marks in each subject.
  • Two periods will be allotted every day for each of the four subjects.
  • One zero hour from 8:15 AM to 9:15 AM and one last hour from 4 PM to 5 PM are allotted for study hours each day for two subjects. Those study hours may also be converted into examination periods depending on necessity and feasibility. 
  • The weightage of each subject is given based on the failures in the previous SSC results. More failures in a subject merit more periods.
  • As per the two-period timetable, the first 45 minutes are allotted for preparing for and answering the TOP question paper supplied by the TOP subject experts, and in the following 45 minutes, students are expected to answer the given question paper.
  • Students should maintain a separate notebook for each subject to write all the TOP examination papers of the subject in it. The teacher should value the answers soon after the completion of the TOP exam and analyse them, focusing on the weak areas of the students.
  • The headmasters should also concentrate effectively on students who fail in one or two subjects to improve the overall result of the school. 
  • Teachers should show the TOP work when the inspecting officers visit the school.
  • The question papers should be set in such a way that the entire syllabus is covered in a stipulated time. The question papers should also be prepared while keeping in view low-performing students in particular and high-performing students in general. 
  • Six full-length question papers are also prepared, designed especially to cater to the needs of high-performing students.
  • This high-performing group of students prepares for and answers the full-length question papers at home. This strategy will help the high- performing students in putting up a superior performance in public exams.
  • plan, the concerned schools are responsible for meeting such needs
  • This is a suggestive academic plan to help the heads of the institutions and their teachers at the field level.
  • However, the heads and teachers can alter the weightage of subjects to suit their school-specific needs within the framework of this broader academic plan. In case of any alternative academic of change.
  • The target-oriented program (TOP) will be implemented till the of March 2023. 

Role of DCEB:

  • DCEB has to develop test items for 8 marks, 4 marks, 2 marks one mark questions by utilising the services of subject expert teacher in their concerned districts.
  • Communicate day wise practicing questions to all Headmasters through WhatsApp groups or in any online mode in advance. 
  • Communicate detailed schedule of the program to all High Schools with proper instructions.

Role of teacher:

  • Every subject teacher has to classify their students into 4 groups based on their learning level (HAG, MAG, MOAG, LAG)
  • Collect or prepare academic support material.
  • Collect day wise questions from headmaster and disseminate these questions to all 10th class students.
  • Give a detailed explanation on the practicing questions in the regular period and instruct students to read answers thoroughly.

Peer tutoring:

  • Entire class must be divided in to groups. 
  • The students should be divided in to above average, average and below average students based on the performance of the students in the revision test as well as case study.
  • Each group must consist of above average, average and below average students.
  • Peer tutoring must be done during study hours where in above average and average students help out slow bloomers of their group.

Mentoring and Adoption:

  • All teachers who handle class 10 must adopt students. For example if there are 7 teachers handling class 10 with strength of 35, each teacher must adopt 5 students.
  • Mentor teacher should sit with those students, find out their difficulties, counsel them, find out the strengths and weaknesses, and speak to other teachers of other subject to know their progress, discuss with them strategies for improvements in each subject and help them in come out of the institution with flying colors.

Role of the Head Master:

  • Headmaster should convened the parent meeting to make aware about the examination system and guidelines for SSC preparation and the roll of the parents.
  • Headmaster should receive the question papers from DCEB and to be disseminated to teachers. scrupulously.
  • Headmaster should ensure the TOP guidelines o be implemented compulsory.
  • Headmaster should share the detailed analysis to monitoring officers.

Role of Monitoring Officers:

  • Ensure whether the High School headmaster disseminate practice questions to teachers/ students a day in advance.
  • Ensure whether the subject teacher conduct practice period regularly. • Ensure whether subject teacher has maintaining a record to track performance progress of individual student.
  • DEO, DCEB Sec, AMO, SSA sectorial officers, DIET Principal, faculty, Dy. E.O, MEO may observe TOP implementation during their school visits.

Download detailed proceedings

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