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Tuesday 29 November 2022

AP School Attendance App SOP FAQ Issues Solutions

AP School Attendance App SOP FAQ Issues Solutions Questions and Answers AP Teachers Facial Attendance App Standard Operating Procedure SoP for Schools / Teachers/ HMs / MEOs / DEOs / RJDSEs School department

AP School Attendance App SOP FAQ Issues Solutions

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Downloading App



Creating User



Student Attendance



Teacher / Employee Attendance – Registration



Attendance Reports



Leave Management



Monitoring Reports



Roles and Responsibilities



Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)



Standard Operating Procedure for School Attendance Module:



Researchers have found a strong correlation between attendance for school and academic performance and success. Children that miss school frequently often fall behind— both academically as well as professionally. Absence from school is often the biggest single cause of poor performance and achievement. Developing a tracking system to monitor Students and Teacher absenteeism allows each school to identify patterns of absenteeism, establish a form of accountability and take measures accordingly.



School Attendance will have Teacher Attendance, Leave Management and Student Attendance. Head Master will enroll teacher by taking photos in the school campus. Once Registered, teacher can mark the attendance in the school campus. Teacher can apply for leave, leave on duty, Deputation and approval flow for each type of leave. Class teacher will mark the student attendance. Headmaster of the respective school will modify if any corrections in student attendance or approve the attendance.


Process :

Government of Andhra Pradesh has developed an Integrated School Attendance App towards capturing the Student Attendance, Teacher Attendance, and Leave Management. The detailed end to end process is shown here under:

All Employees ( Teaching /     Non -Teaching ) working under school Education Department should register and mark attendance in Facial App.

AP School Attendance App Downloading App: 

Open Google Play store and download School Attendance App and install

AP School Attendance App Creation of User: 

Please use Signup Option by filling employee basic information such as employee code, email, DOB etc. to Create employee login credentials.

Similarly, school user can also be created with “SCHOOL UDISE CODE” for marking of attendance of the students in the school.

However students attendance can be submitted both in school user as well as employee user.

AP School Attendance App Student Attendance:

  • Towards marking of student attendance, the School user/Employee should open student attendance tile and select Class/Section.
  • Then the details of the students of the respective Class will be appeared by default all the students will be selected as “present”
  • The user has to mark the attendance by un-checking the absent students, similarly they have to uncheck the students who are not taking MDM/EGGS/CHIKKIES.
  • An alert pop-up window will be appeared duly showing the abstract of student present/absent/availing MDM.

AP School Attendance App Face Registration by the employee/DDOs :

All employees under the control of a DDOs must register their face in the DDOs login , once the face is registered in the DDO login the employee can mark daily attendance at the school Geo fenced location through attendance app in the individual login. The details of login/logout time will record as per the marking of the attendance of the employee though facial attendance app.

AP School Attendance App Attendance Report: 

The attendance details of the employee marked through facial attendance app are available are under the reports tab which consists of date wise Intime and Out Time. Similarly , employee wise reports are available in DDOs logins.

AP School Attendance App Leave Management :

The employees those who are registered in the DDOs logins need to update/enter initially in their respective logins details regarding leave module details regarding total leaves , leave availed, leave balance etc., thereafter the DDOs will confirm those details of leave entered by the employee, there after the employee can apply the leaves as prescribed in the leave module.

AP School Attendance App Leave Module:

After confirmation leave details entered by employee by the concerned DDO, the individual employee can apply through this module. The DDOs/ controlling officer have to confirm it in the DDOs login. In addition to this


The Leave management module allows not only apply leaves by the employee but also it allows to apply special duty, which an employee have to attend other than his working place by name of- deputation, temporary drafting, need to attend trainings/workshops, need to attend other office etc., the DDOs have to confirm it

AP School Attendance App MONITORING REPORTS:


All required reports are available in School Logins, MEO, DYEO,DEO such as details of the Students Attendance and Teachers Attendance etc..


Report refers to

Information can be accessed on


Teachers Attendance:







 Student Attendance:











1) No. of Teachers marked the attendance in time

2) No. of teachers applied leave

3) No. of teachers deputed to other school or office

4) No. of teachers applied special duty i.e Training /Science Exhibition /Sports / etc

5) No. of Employees not marked the attendance

6) Teacher Wise Report also enabled i. e particular Teachers attendance report in time & out time for last few days

7) School Wise Report also enabled i. e School Staff attendance report in time & out time for last few days

8) Not marked Teachers list in excel also enabled to access in DEO/DyEO/MEO Logins

1) All Schools should complete the Child info

2) Student who have entered the details in Child info, they will automatically displayed in Facial App

3) Student Attendance should be submitted Class Wise in Teachers login every day and the same should be approved by the Head Master concerned

4) In case of private schools, the Student Attendance should be submitted in respective school logins.

5) According to the Student Attendance marked on the respective day, all the Head Masters should serve eggs as per Meal Taken and Chikkis 

should be served to all the students attended the school in that day.

6) Student reports also enabled in the respective logins, Percentage of attendance/No. of attended and absent can be accessed in the logins which will be taken as authenticated data to ascertain the eligibility for Ammavodi Scheme.

7) SMS will be sent automatically to the concerned parent in case of absentee of student.


AP School Attendance App Roles and Responsibilities in School Attendance:




School Teacher

Teachers shall mark attendance regularly with in the time frame defined by the Government.

He / She shall also mark the student attendance pertaining to his mapped class or as per the instructions of the HM.

School Headmaster

School Headmaster /Headmistress shall ensure that all students and teachers attendance is marked and reports are synchronized. He/she should verify the school login and ensure that all Students details are entered in child info and should also see that the students attendance marked by the teachers are correct and should enquire about the absentee students with both teachers and parents.

Inspecting Officer ( MEO/DYEO)

Inspecting officer MEO/ DYEOs should see that total schools located in his jurisdiction are marking both students and teachers attendance ( Govt Schools ) and should verify the reports in his/her logins daily.

He / She should randomly conduct surprise visits and cross verify the details submitted by the Headmasters.

 He / She should see that all schools are entering the MDM details correctly and should conduct surprise visits to schools.

He / She should ensure that all private unaided schools are entering the students data in child info and randomly visit the schools and verify the physical strength and registers.

ASO /APO/ Attendance Nodal Person

ASO/APOs and other concerned officials at District should verify the exceptional reports and communicate the identified issues to all stake holders and they should ensure that all the schools located in their district are marking both students and teachers attendance ( Govt Schools ) and should verify the reports regularly. They should also see that all employees are registered in attendance. They should assist the Headmaster / Teachers / Employees where ever their services are required and guide them.


DEOs to personally verify the reports and randomly visit the schools. They should ensure that all schools are entering the students data in child info and randomly visit the schools and verify the physical strength, MDM, registers etc. and should be aware of all reports available in their logins.


RJDSEs to see that entire   ZONE marking attendance including teaching and non teaching. They should ensure that all unaided school are having recognition and should ensure that no school is running with out permissions. They shall issue prior notices to schools where recognition tenure is about to complete and ensure that all schools are registered in UDISE and Entering child info.


AP School Attendance App Frequently asked Questions(FAQs):




School Not visible/School UDISE Code not available / School inactive .

Please obtain UDISE code from your District authorities and create credentials. If school is in-active state and having student enrolment, please approach your District ASO/APO with all relevant documents for making school active.


School Closed but showing in attendance app module as “Not marked”

Please Close the school in UDISE Portal and upload “A01-FORM” by the Mandal/District authorities.


If any employee applied leave for 4 days, later due to any reasons they attend school duly cancelling the leave already applied, What steps to be followed to mark the attendance duly cancelling the applied leave?

In case the employee attends the school, the app will automatically capture the attendance of the employee and the leave applied prior will be cancelled automatically.


Person in the captured image is not matching with the registered persons

At first instance while capturing images during marking attendance, the employee should keep his head straight within the space provided in the app.

In case the issue not resolved, the said error was occurring due to non-capturing of images in proper way while initial registering in the app. Hence the error will be resolved by re- registering in DDO

Logins with proper capturing of images.


Location issue / Displaying error “Seems like you are away from school”

Error occurs due to  

a. this problem occurred on updation of wrong location

b. In case Mobile location did not match with correct location

If the problem still occurs please approach to concerned DEO office to verify location capture details and to re-capture the correct location duly obtaining proper permission


Adding of Employee

Provision has been made available in the DEOs login, please approach respective District officials.


Deletion of employee

Provision has been made available in the DEOs login, please approach respective District officials.


Re-registration of employee

Provision has been made available in the DDOs login.


Updation of employee details

Please update your profile in the attendance home screen.


Transfer of employee

Provision has been made available in the DEOs login, please approach respective District officials.


Does guest faculty need to mark

attendance ?



Does outsourcing/guest faculty/non-teaching etc., need to mark attendance ?

Yes, all employees working under the control of School Education and schools of all the line departments.


C.R.P., and Site Engineers

Separate provision for     marking attendance    will be provided for field staff.


Where to observe the reports of the previous days/ today?

It is available in the same attendance app, can be observed in the employee logins and DDOs logins also.


DDO   acting   as   addition    FAC position?

DDO / Head of Office or School can mark attendance in any one of the location.


Forgot to mark attendance

It will be treated as “ABSENT”


Forgot login credentials

Facility is available in the APP to reset password by using   forgot password option.


Mobile not available / not having android phone/ android version is not compatible

Employee can mark attendance using his/her colleague device.


Temporarily deputed to nearby school

Apply deputation in the attendance app and mark at deputed school.


Updation of phone number

Provision available in profile section of attendance app, facility is available with inspecting officer MEO/DYEO towards updating the same. With respective of non-teaching employees the provision is available with concerned District office.


Deputed to other office works (treasury/MEOs        office/DEOs office/ Court etc.,

Employee can mark   attendance at deputed place


Deputed to training/Workshop at HODs and different locations

Employee can mark   attendance at deputed place


Student names not displaying

Please  wait  for  24hrs  for  updation. Usually it will be updated daily morning at 7:00am


Student long absent /dropout option not available

Student absent more than 30days will be automatically moved to drop box


Half day leave not allows if we attend morning .

Employee can mark attendance when he gets back to school


Unable to mark attendance at working place if we earlier opted special duty and returned back due cancellation etc.,

Employee can mark attendance when he gets back to school


Optional Holidays/Local Holidays of schools , how to define in Student attend APP and Teacher attendance app

Facility will be provided


In MDM as per the instructions, irrespective of taken Meals , need to distribute and enter Eggs/Chickees to all the present student , but which is not possible is the app.

Issue resolved


Students absents regularly, what to do?

Student absent more than 30days will be automatically moved to drop box


New Employee Appointed by Recruitment, how to add them?

Facility available at DEO to register new employees.


AP School Attendance App Latest Version Download

AP School Attendance App Solutions download

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