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Wednesday 14 September 2022

Teacher Training Need Analysis Survey Form

Teacher Training Need Analysis Survey Form AP SALT Teachers Need Survey Form 2022-23 Google Form Link How to fill Teacher Training Need Analysis Form SCERT AP AP SS Samagra Shiksha SALT LFE filling up of the training needs


Teacher Needs Survey Andhra Pradesh

  • The government of Andhra Pradesh is sharing an online survey form to understand the professional development needs of all the teachers so as to prioritise the training areas in future. This is in continuation of the orientation of diagnostic template that was conducted on 13th September, 2022.
  • It is mandatory for all the teachers to fill this form.
  • The data will be used to priorities the training areas and design new and innovative training and classroom-based support for teachers.
  • The form will take 10 minutes to fill. Therefore, we request you to take out adequate time to fill it mindfully.
  • OPEN TILL: 16TH OCTOBER, 2022 (6 PM)

Objective of the Teachers Need Survey form:

To determine the professional development needs of the teachers so as to priortise the training areas

Please note the following points, before filling the form:

  • The objective of this form is to capture self-reflection from teachers about where we feel we stand with respect to our teaching and learning practices and confidence in subject knowledge areas
  • The pedagogy practices mentioned here are derived from the TEACH Classroom Observation Tool, being rolled out across the state
  • The subject areas mentioned here are based on prioritised learning outcomes from the recently conducted SLAS
  • Your reflection will hopefully be helpful in prioritising your own professional development needs
  • This data will form the basis of the types of new and innovative training and classroom based support that can be given to all teachers
  • Given the objectives of the form, the form is anonymous, which means no individual data is traceable to a teacher and is only for capturing needs at a complex level

  • మొదట objectives & instruction చదవాలి. ప్రశ్నలన్ని multiple Choice question గా ఉంటాయి. 
  • Subject Knowledge లో బోధించే తరగతుల ఆధారంగా ఒకటి లేదా కొన్ని లేదా అన్ని అంశాలను ఎంపికచేసుకోవచ్చు. దీన్నిబట్టే complex level శిక్షణ రూపొందించబడును. 
  • ఇంకా మీరు మరింత విషయం (Form లో లేనిది) తెలియజే యాలనుకుంటే ఇవ్వబడిన box లో రాయొచ్చు.
  • మొదట Language (Eng/ Tel) Select చేసుకోవాలి.  Next select class (you are teaching). 
  • ఈ class ను బట్టే ప్రశ్నలు ఉంటాయి. ఈ ప్రశ్నలలో ఒకదాన్ని లేదా అన్నింటిని select చేయాలి. ఏదీ Select చేయకుంటే ఎర్రర్ చూపుతుంది. Select చేశాక next select చేసి ముందుకెళ్ళాలి.. 
  • ఇలా Form lo ఉన్న Subject knowledge, English Lang uage మరియు Teaching Learning Technics లకు సంబంధించి ప్రశ్నలన్నింటికి ఉన్న responses లను select చేస్తూ చివరకు తమ personal విషయాలు కూడా పూరించి... Submit చేయాలి.
Teacher Training Need Analysis Survey Form Link
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