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Saturday 23 July 2022

GSWS - Consistent Rhythms App Latest Version Download

GSWS - Consistent Rhythms App Latest Version Download Consistent Rhythms Android Mobile Application Updated Version GSWS - Consistent Rhythms In Schools User Manual

Inspection Forms, Surveys for GSWS functionaries - Govt of Andhra Pradesh

The application hosts inspection forms and surveys that would help GSWS staff members conduct school visits weekly, and during school events.

Consistent Rhythms is an attempt to improve school facilities and education through
periodically identifying and reporting on any issues at the field level.

The application is built by GSWS department and is supposed to be used by the following
Secretariat Staff:

❖ GSWS Functionaries
➢ Welfare Education Assistant
➢ Ward Education & Data Processing Secretary
➢ Mahila Police
➢ Engineering Assistant
➢ Ward Amenities Secretary
❖ School Head Masters

GSWS - Consistent Rhythms Application Installation:

Users can search for ‘GSWS - Consistent Rhythms’ application in Google Play Store or can
download the application using the link:

GSWS - Consistent Rhythms App Latest Version Download

GSWS - Consistent Rhythms Application Usage:

Please note that the application can be access through “Username” and “Password” provided to you
by the respective district level/mandal level authorities. Username is of the format: “SECRETARIAT
CODE + SHORT FORM” of village secretariat functionary.

Please note that for WEDPS functionaries passwords won’t be provided. They need to either use
their password set for VSWS HMS portal - or reset the password. This is because both the
applications follow a unified login management.

As a WEDPS user, if you don’t remember your password, you can reset your password using the
email associated with your profile in VSWS HMS Portal - District authorities will provide
the email along with the username. If your email is wrongly mapped, please contact

Once you login the first time, it will ask you to change your password, setup your profile which includes adding your mobile number and email address.


Surveys To be Undertaken



Attendance and Enrollment Nadu Nedu

Midday Meals Distribution of JVK Kits Amma Vodi

School Safety And Health

At Least Once weekly

Mahila Police

Upper Primary Schools Child Safety Measures Disha Mobile Application Child Marriage - Prevention

Drug & Substance Abuse, Alcohol Medium Of Access


Complaint Box


Primary Schools Awareness Complaint Box

At Least Once Monthly


School Infrastructure Maintenance And Repairs

At least once monthly

Consistent Rhythms App User Manual click here

Consistent Rhythms App download
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