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Monday 23 May 2022

Ammavodi 2022 Grievances, Six Step Validation

Ammavodi 2022 Grievances, Six Step Validation Ammavodi Jagananna Ammavodi 2022 Instructions on Display of the lists, verification, Action to be taken on the lists of with held & ineligible candidates, Finalizing the lists Grievances over the Six- Step :

With regard to those candidates that are put in the ineligibility list, necessary provisions have been made available at Gram / Ward secretariat. The mothers/guardians who are contesting against ineligibility (six step validation) may submit their grievances with proper evidence in their Gram / Ward secretariats through 6 Step Validation Grievances Portal.

The disposal of such appeals shall be as per the SoP followed for redressal of grievances under Six Step Validation done through Village and Wards Secretariat.

☑️ Navasakam Beneficiary Management System  - నందు "Jagananna Ammavodi" కి సంబందించి "Grievance Type" నందు  six step validation parameters తో పాటు ఈ క్రింది grievances ని కూడా add చేయడం జరిగింది.

1️⃣. Children / Mother were not having Rice Card

2️⃣. Children / Mother were not in same Household

3️⃣. Children / Mother were not in same Rice Card

4️⃣. Children / Mother/ Guardian having same UID

5️⃣. Children / Mother/ Guardian not in Household

6️⃣. Invalid Child/ Mother/ Guardian Aadhar

7️⃣. Student already availed JVD

8️⃣. Children / Mother/Guardian wrongly mapped in Household

నవశకం బెనెఫిషరీ మానేజ్మెంట్ (NBM) అప్డేట్ :

NBM పోర్టల్ లో కొత్తగా క్రింది అర్జీ రకములు జోడించటం జరిగింది. అందరు DA/WEDS & WEA/WWDS వారు గమనించగలరు.

1. Child is eligible but details not found in eligible and ineligible list

2. Mother / Guardian Death

3. Unable to do Aadhaar authentication of Mother / Guardian

4. Mother/Guardian is not available ( working outside)

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