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Tuesday 21 December 2021

AP Technical Education Employees Transfers 2021 Guidelines

AP Technical Education Polytechnic Colleges Employees Transfers 2021 Guidelines

Skills Development & Training Department - General Transfers for the year 2021-22 - Transfer guidelines for the employees (Teaching & Non teaching staff) working in the Department of Technical Education - Orders- Issued.


G.O.Rt.No.133  Dated. 21.12.2021

Read the following:

1. From the CTE, AP, Vijayawada, Letter No.F1/EHE01-15028/25/2021-F SEC-CTE, Dt. 22.09.2021. 
2. G.O.Ms.No.98, Finance (HR.I-PLG & POLICY) Department, dt.06.12.2021.


In the circumstances reported by the Commissioner of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada, in the reference 1" read above, Government, after careful examination of the matter, hereby, issue the guidelines in the ANNEXURE, appended to the order for General transfers of the employees (Teaching & Non teaching staff) in Department of Technical Education for the year 2021-22. 2. The Commissioner of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh, Vijayawada is hereby permitted to effect the transfers of employees of Department of Technical Education (teaching & Non teaching) and complete the same on or before 20.01.2022 as per the guidelines through web counseling, duly drawing the schedule of transfers. 3. Keeping the significant number of vacancies in remote colleges in view and considering the subject-wise workload requirement, the minimum requirement of teaching staff for each college shall be analyzed first. Based on such analysis: college wise vacancies shall be notified irrespective of the actual vacant posts.

Accordingly, the posts shall be filled through transparent web counseling duly following the other prescribed guidelines. 4. In view of issue of these orders, orders on mutual transfer issued in the reference 2º cited are not applicable to the department of Technical Education from the date of issue of this order.. 5. The Commissioner of Technical Education, A.P., Vijayawada, shall take further action in the matter accordingly.

This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (HR.I.Plg.Policy) Department, vide their U.O. No.1522704/HR.I/FINO1-HROPDPP(TRPO)/229/2021, dt. 16.12.2021


  • Those who have completed 2 years of stay in case of both teaching and non-teaching staff in a particular station as on 30.06.2021, shall be eligible to apply for transfer. 
  • Those who are retiring on or before 30.06.2022 shall not be disturbed.
  • Those who have completed (5) years or above service in a particular station as on 30.06.2021 shall be transferred, if there is any request for the said post or on administration grounds.
  • Request transfers may be considered in respect of employees, who have completed two years of service but less than five years at a station. However, such request transfers shall be limited, based on exception and not a rule, and shall not constitute more than 5% of the employees in any working cadre. 
  • Service in all cadres at a station shall be counted, while calculating the period of stay.
  • The Commissioner of Technical Education shall draw schedule for affecting transfers and complete the entire process on or before 20.01.2022. 
  • Standing instructions on the transfers of office bearers of recognized Service Associations as issued in Circular Memo. GAD01-SW-SERA/27/2019-5W., dated 23.01.2020 will apply.
  • Wherever a woman employee working in other than Women's Polytechnic opts for a post in Women's Polytechnic, she shall be posted by shifting a male employee working against such post.
  • The NBA Coordinators whose SAR is submitted or under progress for submission may be exempted.
  • Visually challenged employees are exempted from transfers, unless they request for transfer.
  • The persons who are facing charges / ACB / Vigilance cases shall not be transferred. 12. Transfers shall be affected based on the total entitlement points scored by: the individual applicants on the criteria as mentioned below. The highest scorer in the respective subject and zone shall be given the first choice and so on.

Download G.O.Rt.No.133  Dated. 21.12.2021

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