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Tuesday 14 September 2021

Processing of CPS NPS Partial Withdrawal at NPS Subscriber Level with OTP / e-sign

Processing of CPS NPS Partial Withdrawal at NPS Subscriber Level with OTP / e-sign Cir. Memo No. F2/3058/2013 Dated 14/09/2021

Sub: NATIONAL PENSION SYSTEM Partial Withdrawals New Develpoment introduced in NSDL-CRA system - Processing of Conditional Withdrawal at NPS Subscriber Level Information communicated - Reg.


1). Cir. Memo No. Even no, Dated: 29/10/2018 of this office.
2). Cir. Memo No. Even no, Dated:19/07/2021 of office.
3). Mail received from NSDL-CRA, Dated: 02/09/2021.

Attention of all the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in the State is invited to the subject cited, vide reference in 1st cited guidelines were issued regarding the processing of partial withdrawal of accumulated pension wealth of the Subscriber under National Pension System, not exceeding twenty-five percent of the contributions made by the Subscriber only, excluding contributions made by employer, if any, at any time before exit from National Pension System, subject to the terms and conditions, purpose, limits and frequency.

And vide reference 2nd cited, necessary instructions were issued to allow partial withdrawal requests through Self-Declaration of the subscribers without any supporting documents.

In addition to that, it was informed by the NSDL-CRA, that a new development was incorporated in NSDL-CRA system regarding processing of Conditional (Partial) withdrawal requests which are raised through online by the subscribers without Treasury Office authorization with effect from 01st September, 2021. 

And, the process of conditional withdrawal request in new development was as under:

1. Subscriber will initiate a Conditional withdrawal Request from his/her CRA system login

a. This request will be OTP based or

b. AADHAAR e-Sign based.

Once OTP / e-Sign is successful, CRA system will check the subscriber's bank details vis a vis the details present in CRA system (also called as penny drop verification)

For successful verifications, CRA system will process the Conditional withdrawal request, without further authorization from the Treasury Office and funds shall be credited to subscriber's verified bank account. 

If penny drop verification failed due to mismatching of the details like Name of the subscriber, Bank Account number, IFSC code, Pin code etc... in CRA system while comparing to soft copy uploaded by subscriber, then transaction is unsuccessful.

For un-successful verifications, CRA system will dis message to the subscriber after which he/she will have to rectify the bank details in CRA System. For rectifying the bank details system, the subscriber needs to submit physical request to concerned Nodal office.

Hence, the Deputy Directors of District Treasuries in the State are requested to take necessary action to communicate these information to all the Divisional Sub Treasuries / Sub Treasuries / Drawing and Disbursing Officers under their jurisdiction.


The subscriber need to initiate either OTP authentication or e-Sign the request.

In OTP authentication, two distinct OTPs will be sent to subscriber registered mobile number and E-mail id respectively. 

E-Sign will be successful only, if name as per CRA records and name as per UIDAI(Register for Aadhar)matches 100% and active mobile number is available in UIDAI records. 

Only after successful OTP authentication or e-Sign, withdrawal request will be executed in CRA.

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