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Sunday 29 August 2021

Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - State / NFTW Awards to the Teachers - Instructions, Schedule, Guidelines, Selection Criteria


Rc. No.ESE02-29026/1/2021 /MC/2021 Dt:#ApprovedByDate# 

Sub: School Education -Teacher’s Day Celebrations 2021 - State / NFTW Awards to the Teachers - Inviting nominations by the interested teachers - Instructions issued - Regarding.


1. G.O.Rt. No. 434 Education (Ser. IV) Department, dt: 23.08.2000.
2. G.O.Rt. No.500 Education (Trg.I) Department, dt: 02.09.2002.
3. G.O.Rt. No: 1111, Dt: 09.07.2020, Gen. Admn. (AR) Department.
4. COVID Response Action Plan dated 04.05.2021.
5. G.O.Rt.No.429Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department, dt 09.08.2021


All the District Educational Ofcers in the state are hereby informed that the STATE/ NFTW AWARDS function being organized every year on the eve of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan’s birth day as the same is celebrating Teachers’ day (GURUPUJOTHSAVAM) to honour the Best Teachers/Meritorious Teachers on September 5th of every year, except for the last academic year due to Covid-19 pandemic as ordered by the Government in the reference 3rd cited.The Government has decided to conduct the program for this year to felicitate the services of hard working teaching fraternity, strictly following the Covid-19 SOPs. Therefore, The District Educational Ofcers/Regional joint Directors of School Education in the state are requested to issue necessary instructions to all the teachers in their jurisdictions to apply for the State/NFTW Awards through the proforma prescribed which is appended to this memo through proper channel. 

The Awards are proposed to be given to the deserving teachers & Teacher Educators working under the following categories as detailed below:

  1. The Headmasters of High Schools working under the StateGovernment, Zilla Parishad, Municipal, I.T.D.A. and Aided.
  2. Headmasters working under A.P.R.E.I.S.
  3. Headmasters working under A.P.S.W.R.E.I.S.
  4. Headmasters working under A.P.T.W.R.E.I.S.
  5. School Assistants/Headmasters of Upper Primary Schools working under State Government, Zilla Parishad, Mandal Parishad,  Municipal, I.T.D.A. and Aided.
  6. School Assistants of A.P.R.E.I.S. (T.G.T. & P.G.Ts.).
  7. School Assistants of A.P.S.W.R.E.I.S. (T.G.T. & P.G.Ts.).
  8. School Assistants of A.P.T.W.R.E.I.S. (T.G.T. & P.G.Ts.).
  9. Secondary Grade Teachers working in High Schools under State
  10. Government, Zilla Parishad, Municipal, I.T.D.A. and Aided Managements.
  11. Schools under State Government, Mandal Parishad, Municipal,
  12. I.T.D.A. and Aided Managements.
  13. School Assistant (Telugu).
  14. Language Pandits (Telugu).
  15. Sanskrit Pandits Grade–I & II (Working in all Government managements except Societies).
  16. School Assistant (Hindi).
  17. Language Pandits (Hindi).
  18. School Assistant (Urdu).
  19. Language Pandits (Urdu).
  20. School Assistant (Physical Education)/ Physical Education Teachers.
  21. Craft/Music Teachers.
  22. Drawing Teachers.
  23. All Senior Lecturers in D.I.E.Ts., I.A.S.Es., C.T.Es. (State Government and Aided)
  24. Lecturers in Colleges of Physical Education.

It is further informed that, in addition to the above categories, the Government have decided to felicitate the certain outstandingly performing Mandal Educational Officers, Cluster Resource Persons and Librarians who strive hard for effective implementation of the flagship initiatives of the Government and rendered their remarkable service during this pandemic and succeeded to complete the 1st phase of Manabadi Naadu Nedu works with in stipulated time and to make them functional as a onetime measure.

Therefore the District Educational Offers, Regional Joint Directors of School Education, and Additional Project Coordinators in the State are requested to nominate the One Best Mandal Educational ofcer, One Best Head Master, One CRP and One Librarian from each district with the recommendations of District level selection committee duly evolving their performance in connection with the following parameters.

1. The Head Masters and teachers for their remarkable performance under Manabadi; Nadu Nedu, (Submission of bills in online, motivating the donors and getting donations to the schools, Motivated to the Artists for painting the school building with beautiful messages, Increased enrollment in last 2 years), 100% utilization of TMF/IMMS app, marking attendance in MDM (99%), Ammavodi Verifcation in time and having accuracy of data with 99%, and has rendered the service during the covid-19 by imparting the teaching with alternative methods like e￾lesson, online teaching, Reaching to the students in villages, certified by the committee.

2. The Active participation of MEOs for timely distribution of JVK, Ammavodi and Manabadi Nadu Nedu, TMF/IMMS app, Distribution of Text Books, JVK kits, Covid-19 SOPs management etc and other Schemes.

3. The Librarians/teachers for taking up We Love Reading, and integrating with Padhana Likhna Abhiyan. 

4. The Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs) for enrolling 'Out of School Children' students, for mobilizing the PCs in Manabadi Nadu Nedu program, for distribution of Jagananna Vidyakanuka etc.

Eligibility Criteria:-

1. The Teachers / Head Masters / Teacher Educators who have completed 15 years of minimum service.

2. The Teachers / Head Masters/Teacher Educators who have selected for the District Awards previously.

3. The Teachers / Head Masters / Teacher Educators who have selected for State Awards earlier are not eligible.

4. The teachers who have charges / disciplinary proceedings/criminal cases are not eligible.


1. District Collector represented by JC, Development of the district. - CHAIRMAN

2 District Educational Officer - CONVENOR

3 Principal of DIET - MEMBER

4 Eminent Educationist or representative of an NGO - MEMBER

5 Any other District Officer - MEMBER

The Selection Committees at District level should recommend the teachers duly evolving the performance of the teachers in the given areas of standards.

a. The Academic Standards of his Students. 

b. Teaching Methodology being followed by the teacher. 

c. Innovation done by the teacher. 

d. Special efforts of teacher to improve enrollment, and retention. 

e. Sincerity and Commitment towards the job, like regularity of  attendance. 


  • The District Educational Officer shall place the proposals received through proper channel i.e. Mandal Educational officers and Deputy Educational Officers and Principals of DIETs / IASEs / CTEs / College of Physical Education before the District Selection Committee for selection of the Best Teachers.
  • The recommendations regarding the selected teachers, which should not be more than one teacher from each category, shall be sent to the office of the Director of School Education duly falling the Certificates of antecedents and character, marks awarded to each nomination.
  • The District Selection Committee shall nominate the Teachers and Teacher Educators selected by them to the State Award and they will be honored with Gold Plated Silver Medal, a Shawl and a Merit Certificate at the State Function.
  • Incomplete and defective proposals shall be summarily be rejected by the District Selection Committees. If any District Committee sends particulars of more than one candidate in each category in deviation of the above instructions, all the nominations from those Districts will be rejected.


The schedule of activities shall be as follows:

1. Receipt of Applications from the individuals at the District Level - 29.08.2021 To 01.09.2021. ( 4 Days)

2. Scrutiny & Finalization of Awardees at the District Level - 02.09.2021

3. Submission of Final List to the O/O of DSE 03.09.2021

4. State Function - 05.09.2021

The District Educational Officers, Additional Project Officers of Samagra further requested to organize the teacher’s day celebrations at their jurisdictions in a beftting manner as per the existing practice without giving any scope for adverse remarks in selection of awardees and local protocol duly following, and strictly adherence to the Covid-19 SOPs.

The District Educational Officers in the state are requested to give wide publicity of the programme through News Papers or any other local mass media.

This should be treated as most urgent.

Download AP Teachers State Awards 2021 Application Form in pdf and in word

Download Proceedings, Guidelines | Selection Criteria

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