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Wednesday 7 July 2021

DSC 2008 SGTS Appointment on contract basis objections / representations received Instructions

DSC 2008 SGTS Appointment on contract basis objections / representations received Instructions

Memo.No. ESE02-20021/47/2021-RECTMT-CSE, Dated:06/07/2021

Sub: School Education - DSC-2008- Appointment of 2193 candidates who were affected due to change in selection pattern for appointment to the post of SGT's as secondary Grade Teachers on contract basis with minimum Time Scale (MTS) with terms and conditions as applicable to contract employees - Certain Instructions Issued - Regarding


1. Representation Dt.08.11.2020 of Sri Kathi Narasimha Reddy, MLC. 
2. Representation Dt.16.10.2020 of the APTF, Vijayawada.
3. Representation Dt.18.11.2020 of P. Velugu Jyothi, A.P, B.Ed students Association, East Godavari. 
4. Representation of Sd.Razia, East Godavari District.
5. Representation Dt.18.11.2020 of K.Purnima, D/o Venkata Rao, East Godavari District. 6. Representation Dt.28.06.2021 of Sri M.Subba Rao, East Godavari District.
7. Representation of DSC 2008 Candidates, West Godavari District.
8. Representation Dt.18.06.2021 of K.Haritha, West Godavari District.
9. Representation Dt.28.06.2021 of T.Suri Babu, West Godavari District. 
10. Representation Dt.15.03.2021 of Sri V.Gangadhar Naik, Ananthapur District. 
11.Representation Dt.01.07.2021 of DSC 2008 candidates, Ananthapuram District.
12.Representation Dt.30.06.2021 of DSC 2008 candidates, Ananthapuram District.
13.Representation Dt.30.06.2021 of DSC 2008 Urdu Medium candidates, Ananthapuram District. 14.Representation Dt.25.06.2021 of N.Chinapapa, Chittoor District.
15.Representation Dt. Nil, of DSC 2008 Candidates, Chittoor District.
16. Representation Dt.28.06.2021 of T.Sreenivasulu, YSR Kadapa District.
17. Representation Dt.15.06.2021 of P.Moksha Rani, YSR Kadapa District. 
18.Representation Dt.22.06.2021 of S.Aruna Kumari, Prakasam District.
19.Representation Dt. 16.06.2021 of G.Srinivasa Rao, Guntur
20.Representation Dt.26.06.2021 of P.Purna Chandra Rao, Guntur District.
21.Representation Dt.21.06.2021 of N.Prabhakar, Nellore District. 
22.Representation Dt.28.06.2021 of M.Krishna Murthy, Visakhapatnam District. 
23.Representation of B.Ramana, S/o Ramulu, Visakhapatnam District.
24. Representation of K.Bhagya Lakshmi, D/o Ranga Subbaiah, Prakasam District.

While enclosing the copies of the above representations along with its enclosures are herewith sent to the District Educational Officers concerned and they are requested to examine the received representations by this office and also the DSC 2018 objections/ representations received by the District Educational Officers concerned.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the state are requested to submit a detailed report case wise (In regard to DSC 2008 objections) along with specific remarks and recommendations on or before 15.07.2021 for taking further action in the matter.

This has got the approval of the Director of School Education, Andhra Pradeh, Ibrahimpatnam, Amaravati.

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