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Friday 16 July 2021

CwSN Identification, Enrolment drive and update in UDISE+ - Instructions

Rc.No. 232/A2/IED/SS/2021 Date: .07.2021

Sub: SSA Krishna - Inclusive Education Drive for Identification and Enrolment of Children with Special Needs in Government and Government for the aided schools and update in UDISE+ in the district academic year 2021- 22 - Instructions issued- Reg.

Ref: Proc.Rc.No. SS-23021/84/2020-IED KGBV-SSA Dt. 09/07/2021 of the State Project Director, SS, AP, Amaravathi.

In pursuance to the instructions issued by the State Project Director, SS.A.P., Amaravathi in the reference 1st cited, all the Mandal Educational Officers in the district are instructed to conduct a drive for Identification, Enrolment and update in UDISE+ of CwSN in Government and Government aided schools in the district for the academic year 2021-22 from 12-07-2021 to 31-07-2021 duly following the instructions scrupulously as follows:

  • State-level One-day orientation for IE Coordinators/Asst.IE VASO/APOS/Planning Coordinators through WebEx - 12.07.2021
  • Allotment of Habitations to the enumerators - 13.07.2021 
  • Enrolment of Identified CwSN and OOSC CwSN in Government and Government Aided Schools at field level by enumerators - 14.07.2021 to 31.07.2021


The CRPS (Cluster Resource Persons), IERPS (Inclusive Education Recourse Persons), PTIS (Part-time instructors), Anganwadi workers (ICDS), CRTS (Cluster Recourse Teachers) & Principals of KGBVS, Village Volunteers, Ward Welfare Education Assistants may be utilized in urban areas.

Role of Mandal Educational Officers:

  • Conduct of Mandal level orientation to School Complex Head Masters and other stakeholders.
  • Identification of Enumerators.
  • Preparation of day-wise and village wise action plan. Allotment of habitations/Wards to the enumerators.
  • Conduct of orientation programme for the enumerators. 
  • Visit 4 to 5 villages/Habitations/Wards per day.
  • During the survey, cross-check at random and ensure quality survey. Collection of data from the enumerators.
  • Submission of consolidated report to the concerned Deputy Educational Officer.
  • Monitoring the progress on daily basis.

Role and Responsibilities of IERPS:

  • Enrolling of identified CwSN in schools that are communicated by District IE coordinator.
  • Submit day-wise progress report to district IE coordinator.
  • Motivate and mobilization of parents of CwSN on the importance of Education to their children.
  • Creating awareness to community members on policies and provisions that are providing to CwSN by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

Role of Sectoral Officers: 

  • Visit 2 to 3 Mandals per day in their allotted division.
  • During the survey, cross-check randomly and ensure a quality survey.
  • Time to time guidance to the MEOS and Enumerators.
  • Conduct reviews with the MEOS on the progress of the Survey. 
  • Cross verification of data at the field level.

Role of School Complex Head Master:

  • Orientation to Teachers and enumerators.
  • Monitoring of cluster-level verification.
  • Visit 2 or 3 villages per day. 
  • During the survey, cross-check randomly and ensure a quality survey.
  • Cross verification of the data. 
  • Submission of day-wise progress to the MEO. 
  • All CwSN must continue their education from Pre-primary to Intermediate.

Role of Enumerator:

  • Conduct and complete the survey as per the schedule prescribed. 
  • Collecting accurate enumeration.
  • All schools/ villages should be covered within the timeline. 
  • Concentrate until completion of "Identification of CwSN Survey".
  • Submission of day-wise reports to the Complex chairman & MEO.
  • Identify all CwSN information in allotted areas.
  • The targeted age group was from Pre-primary to Intermediate.

Role of Village Volunteers & Ward Welfare Education Assistant:

  • Collect all Children Special Needs data in their allotted area.
  • Motivate the parents of CwSN towards the education of their children.
  • To communicate the dropout and migrant children information to the School Headmaster and the MEO concerned from time to time.

Monitoring Teams:

  • State-level: Director (RMSA), and Deputy Director (IE & OSC Wing).
  • District level: DEO, Additional Project Coordinator and all Sectoral officer
  • Divisional level: Deputy Educational officers, Deputy Inspectors of & Asst. Sectoral officers of Samagra Shiksha Schools (Urdu), Asst. Labour Officer. 
  • Mandal level: MEOS, Complex HM, School HM.
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