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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Nadu-Nedu 2nd Phase Implementation Guidelines - GO 27

NADU NEDU 2nd Phase Implementation Guidelines - GO 27 - in 16,345 Educational Institutes. School Education - Mana Badi Nadu -Nedu Phase II – Administrative approval for implementation of Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu Phase-II to improve Infrastructure facilities in 16,345 educational institutions with (10) components in the State for the FY 2021-22 with an amount of Rs.4,446 crores and guidelines for implementation of the Programme - Accorded- Orders – Issued

G.O. MS. No. 27 Dated: 30-03-2021. 

Read the following:

1. G.O.Ms.No.87,School Education (Prog.II) Dept, dt. 30-11-2019
2. G.O.Ms.No.22,School Education (Prog.II) Dept., dt. 06-05-2020
3. From the DSE, AP, Lr. Rc. No.1269061/CSE/MBNN/2020, dt.4.11.2020, 29.01.2021 and 20.03.2021.

NADU NEDU 2nd Phase Implementation Guidelines:

The Director of School Education, has submitted proposal for implementation of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase –II programme to strengthen the infrastructure of the educational institutions viz: schools, Hostels, Junior colleges, DIETs, IASEs, Mandal Resource Centers in the State and also requested to set up Technical Support Unit to work on various aspects on Nadu Nedu program

Government after careful examination of the matter, hereby accord administrative approval for implementation of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II to improve infrastructure facilities in 16,345 educational institutions which includes 12678 Schools, 1,668 Govt. Hostels ( including 20 Disable Welfare Hostels), 473 Junior Colleges, 17 DIET, CTE & IASEs, 391 hostels in residential schools 672 Mandal Resource Centers, 446 Bhavitha Centers in the State, for the FY 2021-22, with an amount of Rs.4,446 crores (Rupees four thousand four hundred forty six crores only) and to meet the expenditure from the HOA 4202-01-202-06-530-531 and also from various other sources of funding as permitted by Government from time to time. Guidelines for implementation of the programme, is appended to the Annexures – I of this G.O.

Annexure- I

Annexure to the G.O.Ms.No.27, School Education (Prog.II) Dept, dt.30-03-2021.


Guidelines for implementation of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II to improve infrastructure facilities in 16,345 educational institutions in the State in the FY 2021-22.

The project shall cover all the 16,345 institutions run by various departments viz., School Education, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Municipal Administration, Social Welfare, BC Welfare, Tribal Welfare, Minorities Welfare, Intermediate Education. The Director/Commissioner SE shall identify and furnish the list of the institutions to be taken up under Mana Badi Nadu-Nedu in coordination with the concerned Heads of the Departments.

Details of Mana Badi Nadu Nedu Phase-II

Selection of Schools:

The guideline for selection of schools shall be as follows:-

a. All the schools including residential schools belongs to various types of managements like SW, TW, Minorities, General residential, 20 Disabled Welfare Hostels etc., shall be taken up.
b. Preference shall be given to schools identified in dilapidated condition. c. The DSE shall identify Buildingless schools and send separate proposal to the Govt for sanction.
d. The list of selected schools to be taken up shall be made available on https://nadunedu.se.ap.gov.in/

IV. Priority of facilities and amenities (Ten components):

The facilities to be provided under the program shall be as follows:

a. The Government emphasizes to have the following components to each selected school to reach desired standards, based on the actual needs

i. Toilets with running water. 
ii. Drinking water supply.
iii. Major and minor repairs.
iv. Electrification with fans and tube lights. 
v. Furniture for students and staff.
vi. Painting to entire campus. 
vii. Green chalk boards.
viii. English Lab (Smart TV with digital content).
ix. Kitchen shed.
x. Compound walls.

b. In case of Govt hostels furniture includes cots/bunker beds, mattresses, bed sheets, blankets, Almirahs for inmates, other amenities, modernization of kitchen etc.
c. In case of Junior Colleges basic lab equipment and lab furniture shall be procured under furniture component.
d. English Lab shall be taken up only in Primary schools and Upper primary schools.

V. Implementing agencies:

The implementing agencies shall be as follows:-

a. The Govt agencies Panchayat Raj Engg. Dept, AP Samagra Shiksha, APEWIDC, Public Health & Municipal Engineering Dept (in Urban Areas), Tribal Welfare Engineering Department in ITDA areas shall implement the program. The existing arrangement of implementing agencies under Phase I shall continue. The District collectors may change the Mandals and implementing agencies depending on the situation and workload of the engineering agencies in the district. All the schools located in urban geographical bodies shall be executed by the PHED/Engg wing of municipal corporations. The detailed list of the schools, hostels, junior colleges and other institutions village wise, Mandal wise will be furnished to them by the Director/Commissioner School education separately. One implementing agency-one Mandal principle shall be followed strictly.
b. All the institutions under Nadu Nedu located in ITDA areas/Mandals shall be taken up by the TWED. District Collectors shall allot the Mandals to TWED accordingly. The institutions of tribal welfare shall be taken up by TWED irrespective of their location.
c. All the institutions under Nadu Nedu Phase II located in urban areas irrespective of the management shall be implemented by the PHED and Municipal Engineers. District Collectors shall allot the schools and other institutions to PHED and Municipal Engineers accordingly.

d. The five members of parent committee members, HM, CRP, Sachivalayam Engineer, Sachivalayam Education Asst who are the joint signatories of the cheque shall form as School Development Committee. Out of nine signatories of cheque, minimum 7 (all 9 can also sign) should be signing the cheque at any given point of time. This may be informed to the bank in the resolution accordingly while opening the joint account in the bank. The School Development committee shall be accountable to the Parents committee and inform all the transactions in their weekly meetings.

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du Nedu 2nd Phase Implementation Guidelines

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