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COVID-19 pandemic - Latest guidelines issued for time to time for Schools

COVID-19 pandemic Latest guidelines for schools

Memo Rc.No. 151/A81/2020 Dated: 23/03/2021 School Education - COVID-19 pandemic - SOPs/guidelines issued for time to time for Reopening of Schools in a graded manner in the State of Andhra Pradesh duly following the Health and Safety protocols - Certain instructions issued - Reg.

The attention of all the under mentioned officers is invited to the ref 34th cited, wherein the Union Home Secretary & Chairman, NEC, GoI has issued orders Dt:19.03.2021 that, the guidelines for Surveillance, Containment and caution issued in MHA Orders Dt-27.01.2021 vide ref 25th cited will remain in force upto 31.03.2020 and all are you aware that, the Government has undertaken several measures including strengthening of surveillance for prevention, containment, and control of COVID-19. After an intensive activity to control and contain novel corona virus with multiple lockdowns, and gradual unlocking, the State has reached a stage where the number of cases is declining on a day to day basis.

Further, after the steady decline in COVID-19 cases for about 5 months, for the last few weeks, the number of COVID cases is showing an increasing trend in several parts of the country. It has been observed that, it is largely due to laxity in the observance of COVID appropriate behavior by the people, especially in the crowded places.

Keeping in view the fresh surge of cases and upcoming festivals, it will be important to ensure compliance of the guidelines/Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for all activities in the schools issued by the Union/ State Governments and to strictly enforce COVID appropriate behavior, such as wearing of face masks, hand hygiene and social distancing among people.

Therefore, the under mentioned officers are requested to take necessary measures for creating awareness among people to follow COVID appropriate behavior and simultaneously take necessary action for its strict enforcement, so as to fully overcome the pandemic and the same may be widely disseminated to the field functionaries for Implementation and to the public.

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