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Friday 29 January 2021

Observance of silence on 30th January Martyrs' Day

Menmo.No.05-A&I-2021 Dated:24.01.2021 - School Education - Observance of silence on 30th January (Martyrs' Day) in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives during struggle for India's freedom - Certain instructions issued - Regarding. 

Ref: -Lr.No.2/1/2021-Public, Dt-18.01.2021 of the Deputy Secretary to Gol, MHA, Gol, New Delhi.

The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education and District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference cited and informed that, on 30th January, every year, two minutes' silence is observed at 11.00 AM., throughout the State, in the memory of those who sacrificed their lives during the struggle for India's freedom. 

Further, the following standing instructions have been laid down for observance of this day as follows:

ii. Silence should be observed and work and movement stopped for two minutes throughout the State at 11.30 A.M. on 30th January. 
ii. Wherever feasible, the commencement and termination of the two minutes' silence period should be indicated by sound of siren or Army guns. Sirens should be sounded from 10.59 hours till 11.00 hours and after two minutes, all clear sirens should again be sounded from. 11.02 hours till 11.03 hours. This procedure may be adopted where sirens exist. 
iii. On hearing the signal (wherever available), all persons would stand up and observe the silence. 
iv. At places where no signal systems is available, suitable instructions can be issued to all concerned for observing the silence for two minutes at 11.00 A.M. 

Further, in the past, it has been observed that while two minutes' silence is observed in some offices, the general public goes about its occupation in the ordinary course, unmindful of the solemnity of the occasion and requested the Governments to ensure that the Martyrs' Day is observed with due solemnity.

Therefore, the under mentioned officers are requested to issue instructions field level functionaries and to all educational institutions under their control for observance of the Martyrs' Day, accordingly. Talks, speeches on freedom struggle, national integration may be organized in hybrid mode duly following the guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs) issued from time to time regarding COVID-19 are strictly adhered to while observing Martyrs' Day.

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