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Tuesday 6 October 2020

NISHTHA- DIKSHA online training to the teachers Revised Schedule

School Education - Samagra Shiksha - SIEMAT -NISHTHA- DIKSHA - training to the teachers through online

Course Revised Schedule:

NISHTHA online on DIKSHA will be launched on 6th October, 2020. A window of around 10 days will be given for registration of teachers, mapping of teachers with State Resource Groups, etc.

Starting from 16th October, 2020, three (03) courses (English and Hindi version) will be launched each fortnight. This will ensure that all the 18 courses can be covered within six fortnights (three months) and all the teachers at the elementary stage in the country will be able to take all the NISHTHA courses by January 2020.

Courses will be opened on day 1 of the fortnight and will be closed during the day 15th of the fortnight. Explicit communication will be sent to teachers by concerned states/Uts/Organisations regarding the schedule of all 18 courses and days when the

courses will get opened and closed. This will help and empower teachers to plan their learning journey as per their pace and convenience.

Courses will be launched by the NCERT for teachers and school heads under Central Organisation i.e., CBSE, KVS, NVS, CTSA, Sainik School and Atomic energy schools. States/ UTs will launch courses in English. Hindi, regional/ state languages as per the requirement in their state/UTs.

Download DIKSHA NISHTHA Revised Schedule, Instructions

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