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Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Disciplinary action against teachers not recorded EL encashment details in their Service Registers

 Memo No.66-CSE-Peshi-2020(Sub file). 06/10/2020

SE - Anantapur District - Certain allegations against teachers A Rama Krishna, and C.V.Pushpa Latha for encashment of Earned Leave and not recorded in their SRs - Circular Issued - Reg. 

Ref: Representation dated: 30.03.2020 from Villagers of Gudibanda Village, Anantapur District (Received on 20.07.2020).

The attention of all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the subject matter and they are informed that it has come to the notice of the state authorities that two teachers have converted their EL encashment and not recorded the details in their Service Registers.

Therefore, all the Regional Joint Director of School Education and District Education Officers in the State are requested to immediately get all the leave encashment orders of all from the year 2014-15 on wards at the MRCS and find out any teacher /HM earned leave has been converted into cash and not recorded in the respective Service Books. If any irregularity is found in this regard, take appropriate disciplinary action against those concerned and mandating, the compliance report should be submitted to the undersigned by 20 -10-2020.

In case of teachers in high schools, the Headmasters concerned have to verify and furnish a report to the RJDSE concerned by 20-10-2020.

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