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Thursday 17 September 2020

AP Teachers Rationalisation / Reapportionment Norms 2020 in AP Primary | UP | High Schools Guidelines G.O.MS.No. 53 Dated: 12-10-2020

Apportion of Teachers in Primary, UP, High Schools:

Revised Staff pattern for AP Primary, Upper Primary, High Schools  Rationalisation / Reapportionment Norms, Guidelines 2020.

The criteria for identification of re-apportionment of teachers shall be as follows:

a. When a post is found surplus and proposed for shifting to a teacher deficit place, those teachers who have completed 8 years of service at that particular school shall be shifted;
b. If any teacher who has not completed 8 years but happens to be a senior teacher in the school and if he/she is willing to work at the new school he/she may be shifted;
c. In case of non availability of (a) & (b) junior most teacher as per the service rendered in the cadre shall be shifted.

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