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Saturday, 8 August 2020

Jagananna Gorumudda MDM Scheme - Distribution of Rice to all eligible students 12.06.2020 to 31.08.2020

School Education - Jagananna Gorumudda (MDM) Scheme - Distribution of Rice to all eligible students for a period of 62 days ie 12.06.2020 to 31.08.2020 Certain instructions issued - Regarding Rc.No.ESE02-27021/60/2020-MDM-CSE Dated:07/08/2020


1) LE.No.1-2/2020 Desk (MDM) HRD, Gol, dt 20.03.2020 from the Joint Secretary(EEI), Gol, MHRD, New Delhi.

2) Govt.Memo.No.ESE01-SEDNCSE/520/Prog.1/2020, Dated:23.03.2020 
3) Govt.Memo.No.ESE01-SEDNOCSE/520/2020/Prog.I, Dated:02.04.2020
4) L.F.No.1-2/2020 Desk (MDM) HRD, Gol, dt.29.04.2020 from the Joint Secretary (EET), GOL, MHRD, New Delhi.
5) Note Orders Dt:31.07.2020 of this file 
6) This office Procgs.Rc.No. ESE02-27021/60/2020-MDM-CSE, DE 08062020
7) This office Procs.Rc.No. ESE02-27021/60/2020-MDM-CSE, DE 31072020 8) LF.No.1-2/2020 Desk (MDM) HRD, Gol, Dt.31.07.2020 from the Joint Secretary (EE.I), Goi, MHRD, New Delhi.9) This office Procgs.Rc.No.ESE02-27021/60/2020-MDM-CSF, Dated:05.08.2020.


    In continuation of the earlier instructions issued in the reference 9th read above, all the District Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that to distribute the dry ration consists of Food Grains (6.2 Kg for Primary / 9.3 Kg for Upper Primary and High School students), Eggs (56) and Chikkies (35) for a period of 62 days it, 12062020 to 31.08.2020 in two spells (i.e, 1t spell - 3rd week, 2nd spell - 4th week, August, 2020), Further, the distribution is as follows:

1. Rice (6.2 Kg for Primary / 9.3 Kg for Upper Primary and High School students) is to be distributed to all the eligible students of Classes 1st to 9th enrollment of previous year (2019 20).
2. Further, in respect of 5th standard students who will be promoted to 6th standard as per the guidelines given by the Government of Andhra Pradesh they are entitled the dry ration duly considering them as Upper Primary as per Gol norms. The concerned H.M of previous primary school (5 standard) is requested to distribute the dry ration to the students @ 150 grams ie, total 9.3 kg rice.

ILLUSTRATION: UDISE Code: 28110701003 Srikakulam District. Total Enrollment(I-V) 135, (Class-V-Enrollment-29). As per enrollment, Rice allocation is 837 kgs (135 students x 62 days (June 12th to August, 31s) x 100 grams). Further, the students of Class V (29) promoted to Class VI, as the guidelines of Gol, the entitlement of rice to those 29 students (V class students promoted to VI class) @ 50 grams excess is 90 kgs (29 students x 50 grams x 62 days).

The Head Master/Mistress is requested to follow the below process:

a.Go to the Closing Balance (CB) entry form in MDM app/SCM.
b.Enter the Closing Balance in MDM app and update the CB as (-90 kgs) as per the above illustration
c. So that the excess quantity @ 50 grams to the students of Class V (29) promoted to Class VI will not deprive their entitlement 1* spell - 28 eggs
3. Eggs (56) is to be distributed to all the eligible students in two spells and i.e 1st spell -28 eggs 2nd spell - 28 eggs. 
4. Chikkies (35) is to be distributed to all the eligible students in two spells ie, 1s' spell - 18 chikkies and 2nd spell - 17 chikkies. 

Further, all the District Education Officer in the State are informed that necessary provision will be enabled in MDM app and requested to issue necessary instructions to the MEOs/HMs to distribute the dry ration to the eligible students of class 1st to 9th enrolment of previous year(2019-20) as per their entitlement by involving the Volunteers and Educational Welfare Assistant of Village/ Ward Secretariat duly following the COVID-19 precautions strictly and keeping in view of the restrictions imposed due to unlock of country/ state.

Further, they are requested to issue the instructions to the field functionaries and as well as suppliers to distribute the above items duly taking the proper acknowledgment from the parents to maintain the proper documentation and upload the details in MDM App compulsory without fail. If fail to upload the data, the payment will not be released.

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