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Friday 10 July 2020

AP KGBV 6th Class Admissions 2020 Notification, Schedule, Online Application

Instructions for the AP KGBV Online Admission Application:

1. The applicant can fill up the application form on either Desktop Computer, Laptop Computer, Tablet or Mobile Phone. .
2. The applicant or the Parents of the applicants should bring Aadhaar Card Number or Child Info Number to fill the form online. Through Aadhaar Card Number or Child Info Number the application would download the personal information of the applicant directly from the database shared by the Govt Department (s). This will help in eliminating or minimizing the defects/mismatch arising out of manual entries.

a. This online application would use the existing Govt. database of school students in AP.
b. The form would require Aadhaar Number or the Child Info Number and if they are registered in the database then the application will take that records and fill up personal details automatically.

3. However, since the SC has given order that Aadhaar Car Number is not and mandatory document, the application would also accept the manual form. In this case Aadhaar Number of either of the parent and in case of Orphan Aadhaar Card Number would be taken to verify the application later on.

a. These students would fill up their parents Aadhaar Number for verification. Only one application per Aadhaar number is allowed. The Application will not accept submission of the two application are being submitted using the same Aadhaar number
b. You can only use one mobile number and multiple applications with the same mobile number would not be allowed.

4. The online admission portal is developed in alignment with the AP State mission towards e-governance. Please use this URL only and not any other link. All other links will not work because for security purpose we have blocked all other URLS

5. Anyone who has applied before 1st May, 2019 would not be considered for admission.
6. If anyone needs any clarification can contact on following phone numbers : 9347379040 and 9381126467 The help lines would be open from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm.
7. Please note that once you submit the application, you will receive SMS on the mobile number given in the application form. Please keep this SMS for future reference.
8. You are requested to inform in the advertisement and in press release that the parents receiving the SMS should not block the SMS or complain to their mobile service providers. Kam Kanakdurga has done the requisite due diligence with TRAI on this.
9. The applicant should save the form and take print out of the filled up form and bring it at the time of admission with all the relevant documents.

Admission Criteria:

Total Students per class 40 per class each for Class 6, 7 and 8


 SAME MANDAL FOLLOWING RULES APPLY. (Same Mandal jeans the MANDAL of the current address of the applicant and the MANDAL of the School where admission is sought)

a. OSC - first all the OSC students would be considered only filter is
i. OSC should have studied in Govt School ii. Out of Schools - any student 6 months or above
b. Orphans and Semi Orphans
c. PHC


d. 50% of the remaining seats will go to ST and SC combined
e. Of the remaining seats available after the SC and SC allocation, following allocation of seats will happen.

1. BC-A, B, C,D,E = Total 45% of the remaining seats 1st. A = 7% 2nd. B = 10% 3rd. C=1%
4th. D-7%  5th. E = 5%

ii. Remaining 5% of the Seats will be reserved for OC and Minorities

If the figure of 40 student per class is not achieved then go to nearest mandals. A. Within mandals in the same district preference should be given to mandals with less literacy rates. Dept. to give literacy rates of all the mandals in AP.

Example: if the total students allocated after the above are 36 then for the remaining 4 students the logic could be to look up applications from other mandals In the same district, refer to the literacy rate of the mandal and give preference to the lowest and further in that order.

Minority - BC - there are 18 Minority Schools (refer to the Table) and separate report to be generated for these schools. In these Schools admission criteria would be different than above, The Criteria is as follows:

1st preference to the minorities reserved at 75% of the total seats irrespective of OSC and OC 2nd preference to OSC Students (general and minority)
C. 3rd-Orphans and Semi Orphans
D. Of the remaining seats 50% to ST and SC and 50% to BC

Admissions in to KGBVS - Tentative Schedule:

AP KGBV 6th Class online application click here
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