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AP MDM Attendance, Monitoring APP Link, How to Login, User Manual

jagananna gourumudda mobile application (APP) Android for monitoring Mid Day Meals

(User manual  for  Mobile application) 
Jaganna Gorumudda (Mid-Day Meal Scheme) is a flagship programme assisted by the Government of India aiming at improving nutritional levels among children studying in Government, Local Body and Government-aided primary and upper primary schools and the Centres run under Education Guarantee Scheme (EGS)/Alternative & Innovative Education (AIE) and National Children Labour Project (NCLP) schools now called as Special Training Centres (STC) of all areas across the country.
            The Hon’ble Chief Minister has personally reviewed the status of malnutrition among children and directed to bring radical changes in the existing menu and also directed to close monitoring the scheme       

         There are nearly 45000 schools in Andhra Pradesh covered under  MDM  scheme and huge amount was spent on children mid day meals but monitoring  the scheme in all schools is big challenge  so that  we have developed one mobile application(APP) for monitoring purpose.

Objectives of Mobile App:
ü  Daily monitoring the scheme in all schools 
ü  Identify the gaps in implementing in short time
ü  Address the issues to local authority
ü  Take an immediate action and resolve the issue.

    How to use the Mobile Application

Source app   :         Google play store.
Title                 :       jagananna gourumudda.

          Purpose:-         1. Monitor the MDM implementation
                         2. Feddback
                         3. Isssue identification
                         4. Alaert the officer concerned
                         5. Initiate the problem solving.

  Stakeholders:         1.H.M/3Member parents committee
                                   2. Welfare and Education Asst/Ward Education secretary.
                                   3. Village organizations (S.H.Gs)
                                   4. All officials at various levels like Mandal,District,State

How to login:
·   Download the “Jagananna Gorumudda “app from    Google Play store
·   Go to inspection login
·   Enter the credentials

Home page of Jagananna Gorumudda APP

2.How to login by stake holders

 i.H.M/3Members parents committee:-   HM/ 3 member Parents committee  shal login the App  by using  11 digit udise code.

    HM/3member parents committee shall submit the feedback on daily basis
          User id       : 11 Digit school Code (which starts with 28xxxxxxxxx)
         Password   :  xxxxxx.

ii. Welfare and Education Asst./Ward Education secretary:
                                     They can login the app with their secretariat code where they are working. All schools will appear in their secretariat region ,they can select the school and submit the feedback.

       Every W.E.A/W.E.S must visit the schools (which are covered  in their  secretariat)  three times a week.

         User id       :  8digit secretariat code.
         Password   :  xxxxxxxxx.

Note:  ward secretariat having 7 digit code. They will  add “2” before the that  code and   they can login .
III.Village organization (S.H.Gs): V.Os can login with their village organization code .

    Every Village organization forms with a 5 members committee.  They can login with V.Os code and submit the MDM feedback of the schools at village level.
       User id      : xxxxxxxxx
 Password       : xxxxxxxx.

IV.All officers: All officers at various levels like mandal,district,region,statelevel shall visit the school at random method and submit the feedback.

They shall visit the schools where issues were found in MDM feedback report
Given by other stakeholders.

Officers covered: MEOs,  DyEOs,  Ads(MDM), DEOs, RJDs,Addl.Director,Director(MDM),CSE, Principal Secretary

e.g. for DEO srikakulam credentials:
 User id     :deo_01
Password: xxxxxxxx.

Download Jaganna Gorumudda APP Download Jaganna Gorumudda APP User Manual