Saturday, 26 October 2019

Subsuming of RMSA into AP Samgra Shiksha Society - Merging of RMSA staff into AP Samgra Shiksha Society RC.No. 1176 dated. 24.10.2019

School Education - Samagra Shiksha Secondary - Subsuming of RMSA into Andhra Pradesh Samagra Shiksha Society - Merging of Staff of RMSA into Andhra Pradesh samagra Shiksha Society - Orders - issued - Regarding. 

      The commissioner of School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director ,AP Samgra Shiksha (Secondary) (Erst while RMSA) Is  hereby ordered to merge samagra Shiksha (Secondary) at the Officer of District Educational Officers and Ex - Officio District Project Coordinator in the state into the District Project Officer , AP Samagra Shiksha by 31-10-2019 and to function at the O/o District Project Officer,Ap Samagra Shiksha from  1-11-2019  onwards.

a. All District Educational Officers  & Ex - Officio  District Project Coordinator in the state are here by ordered to merge all the staff members working in the samagra Shiksha (Secondary) (Erstwhile RMSA) inti District Project Officer,AP Samagra Shiksha and they are further instructed to report the District Project Officer, AP Samgra Shiksha of concerned Districts and to start work there itself from 01.11.2019 onwards .

b. To transfer the unspent balances available in the Bank Accounts of Erstwhile RMSA into District Project Officer,AP Samgra Shiksha duly obtaining Bank account numbers from the above office under intimation to the undersigned on or before 31.10.2019.

c. They are further requested to handed over all Agreements / Contracts entered into for Outsourcing of Employees, Contract Employees, Regular Staff,Vehicles, Rental, Constructions,
Movable and non - movable assets etc., to the District Project  AP Samgra Shiksha by 31.10.2019.

      This has got the approval of the Commissioner of School Education & Ex - Officio Project Director ,AP Samgra Shiksha (Secondary Education)

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