Friday, 11 October 2019

Global Hand Wash Day Celebrations Guidelines Rc.No.73

Memo Rc.No73 (2218)/A PSSA/Health/A10/2019 Dated: 04/10/2019

APSSA-Amaravati- Conducting the event of “Global Hand Wash” day in schools on 15/10/2019-Necessary instructions-Issued.
Ref:-Oath on Hand Hygiene behaviour and Methods of Hand wash
     All the Project Officers and District Educational Officers in the State are well aware that the WASH programme in schools is being implemented to create awareness in children and staff in schools for healthy environment and reduction of diseases among children. As part of WASH programme an event called “Global Hand Wash is organizing every year (i.e., Oct-15th) for effective implementation of awareness and to prevent diseases among the children.
    In this context, the "Oath" on Hand Hygiene behaviour and Methods of Hand wash & hour wise schedule has been prepared and enclosed in Annexure I,II & III
   All the Project Officers of SSA are requested to communicate the same to all the Schools with an instructions to implement and conduct the “Global Hand Wash day” successfully and ensure that all the children are wash their hands before taken meal and after using toilets.

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