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Cutting and stitching of uniform cloth Instructions Rc.No.SSA/9/2019

Rc.No.SSA/9/2019-MIS SEC-SSA   Date:14-10-2019
APSSA – Certain instructions on Supply of Uniforms 2019-20 - Cutting and stitching of uniform cloth – Instructions issued - Reg.

    All the District Project Officers of SSA in the state are aware that the government has issued a policy direction that the cloth for uniforms for the students studying in government and aided schools shall be given to mothers only and the stitching charges to be released @ Rs.40/- per pair to the mothers accounts only.
2. The District Project Officers are requested note the procedure given in the following lines for implementing the program:

     a. The cloth delivered by the supplying agency i.e., APCO at the mandal point should be cut from as per the requirement of each school (not as per the sizes of the students, it will be cut as per the total requirement of boys and girls of the school) at the mandal point in the presence of the Parents Committee of the school concerned and be handed over to the Parents Committee for distribution to the mothers at the school point. The MEO and the CRP should undertake this work and the cutting charges for arranging school wise cutting shall be met from the MRC grants.
     b. Once the Parents Committee takes the cloth to the school point, the same will again be cut as per the student wise requirement (as per the standard sizes of the students, but not as per the stitching requirements of each child) in the presence of the mothers and the Education and Welfare Assistant of Grama Sachivalayam and be handed over to the mothers who would in turn get the cloth stitched at their level through their tailors as per their choice.
     c. The expenditure of transport from mandal point to school point and the cost of cutting at the school level shall be met from the composite school grant of the schools concerned.
     d. The mothers may be requested to take up the stitching and the stitching charges will be released to their accounts once the AMMA VODI accounts are ready for operationalization.
     e. The supply of cloth by APCO has been taken up as per the indent placed by DPOs based on the last year enrolment. If there is additional enrollment in any school, the MEOs may first exhaust the schools based on the current enrolment and if few schools are left over, the details to be furnished immediately to arrange for supply of cloth to those schools in the next phase.

3. The District Project Officers may direct MEOs and CRPs to attend to this item of work with due diligence and without giving scope for any deviation at any level.

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