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Physical Efficiency Test for AP DSC PET Candidates Procedure & Guidelines


1. Conduct of the Test:
The tests will be conducted in two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The number of candidates in each session will be approximately 700. All the candidates should report with the test hall ticket numbers allotted by the Coordinator of Acharya Nagarjuna University. These are to be downloaded from the website: https://apdsc.apcfss.in/
Sports kit and Sports shoes are compulsory for all the men and women candidates
2. Reporting Time:
All the candidates scheduled in the morning session should report at 7.00 a.m. and at 1.30 p.m. in the afternoon. All the candidates of each session will be divided into different batches.
3. Assembly:
All the candidates should assemble in the designated areas for their batch in the ground for attendance and verification of identity. The necessary signboards will be arranged to guide the candidates to their respective batches.
4. Verification of Identification and Registration:
Candidates should assemble in their respective batches in the order of their hall ticket numbers. Verification desks for each batch will be arranged separately. The candidates should go for verification in the order of their hall ticket numbers.
The candidates have to affix the left hand thumb impression and sign in the attendance sheets.
5. Issue of Chest Numbers:
The candidates thus registered, will be issued with two test hall ticket numbers (chest numbers, the same number downloaded by the candidates from the official website). One has to be fixed in front on the chest and the other on the backside.
The bib numbers will consist of the following items printed on it. They are:
1. DSC Hallticket number
2. Photo of the candidate
3. Batch Number with order of events for that candidate with details of field Number.
6. Events:
The events in both morning and afternoon sessions will be:
1) 100mts/ 800mts.for men/ 400mts for women
2) 16lbs Shot is used for men and 8lbs for women
3) Long Jump/High Jump
The candidates will run either 100mts or 800mts in case of men/400mts in case of women. In case of jump, a candidate can participate either in Long Jump or in High Jump according to their choice. The choice once opted will not be changed under any circumstances.
7. Procedure for conduct of events:
Runs: Running events are conducted on synthetic track. If the candidates are using spikes, they should use only such spikes which can be used on the synthetic track as per the AFI rules.
In 100mts start crouch start is compulsory. Standing start or any other start other than crouch start is not permitted.
Disqualification of the athlete making a foul start is done as per the AFI rules.
Any athlete not completing the race for whatever reason it may be, including a fall on the track will not be given second chance.
For all the runs, i.e., 100mts, 400mts, and 800mts, the photo finish camera will be used. The timing will be automatically recorded by the photo finish camera and final print out of the timings of all the lanes will be provided after finishing the run as per the recording of the photo finish camera. The candidates are required to verify their timings and sign against their names after finishing the run. Without signature the performance records will not be taken into consideration.
Long Jump: Each candidate will be given three jumps and the best of the three jumps will be considered.
High Jump: Three chances will be given at each height of the jump for clearing. The best jump with the maximum height of clearance of the bar will be recorded.
Shot Put: Each candidate will be provided with three chances and the best distance of all the three chances will be recorded.
After the third attempt of each of the above filed events, the candidates should verify their records of performance and must sign against their names. Without signature the performance records will not be taken into consideration.
In each batch, after finishing Long Jump, High Jump, and Shot Put, the candidates are made to stand according their performances in a row with the highest performer on the right and the lowest performer on the left. The video graphs will be taken with the judges and the judges will announce the best three performers along with their distances in that batch.
.8. Display of the Performances and Norms:
Three hours after completion of the events of each session, the records of performances of all the candidates of that session will be displayed in the notice board. The candidates can check their performances in the notice board. The norms of each and every event are also displayed in the notice board.
9. Other Arrangements:
Drinking Water: Mineral water is arranged at every testing point. Candidates are requested not to waste any water and use it for the purpose of drinking only.
Dress Change Tents for Girls: Separate tents for change of dresses are arranged in the ground.
First Aid: First Aid facility is available. For emergency, an ambulance is also arranged.
Food: Campus canteen is available just opposite to the ground. Breakfast, Lunch, snacks and tea/coffee are available on payment.
Toilets and Urinals: Toilets and urinals are available very near to the ground.

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