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Friday 16 November 2018

Transfers of Municipal Teachers, in relaxation of rules and ban on transfers within Urban Local Bodies, Municipal Corporation G.O.RT.No.1073


            G.O.RT.No. 1072 Dated: 16-11-2018

Read the following:-
1. From the General Administration (V&E) Department, Vigilance Report No.55 (1263/V&E-D1/06), dated.30.04.2007.
2. G.O.Rt.No.21, MA&UD (E1) Department, dated.04.01.2008.
3. WSD of Sri A.Venkat Rao, former Municipal Commissioner, Jaggaiahpet Municipality, dt.26.05.2008 received through the C&DMA, A.P., Hyderabad, Letter Roc.No.17308/2007-E1, dated.05.06.2008.
4. G.O.Rt.No.1059, MA&UD (E1) Department, dated.13.09.2010.
5. Enquiry Report from Sri B.Ramamohan, Commissioner, Jaggaiahpet & Enquiry Officer, Lr.Roc.No.733/2010/C1, dated.04.03.2011.
6. Govt.Memo.No.12899/E1/2007-2, dated.24.03.2012.
O R D E R:

    Whereas, in the reference 1st read above, the G.A. (V&E) Department have enquired into the allegations leveled against Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner and other officials of Jaggaiahpet Municipality for failure to conduct market sales, transfer of municipal lands to other agencies and in spending of labour contract bills etc., and recommended to initiate appropriate disciplinary action against Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner and Sri N.S.Appanna, former Municipal Commissioner of Jaggaiahpet Municipality.

  2. In the reference 2nd read above, Government have initiated disciplinary action against Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner, Jaggaiahpet Municipality by issuing article of charges. In the reference 3rd read above, the charged officer has submitted his Written Statement of Defense duly requesting to drop further action against him.

  3. As the written statement of defence is not convincing, orders were issued appointing Sri B.Ramamohan, Municipal Commissioner, Jaggaiahpet Municipality

as an Enquiry Officer to enquire into the charges framed against Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner and Sri N.S.Appanna, former Municipal Commissioner of Jaggaiahpet Municipality, Krishna District vide reference 4th read above. In the reference 5th read above, the Enquiry Officer has submitted his enquiry report.

4. In the reference 6th read above, a copy of report of the Enquiry Officer was communicated to all the charged officers including Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner to offer their written representations in terms of Rule 21 (2) of APCS (CCA) Rules, 1991. The charged officer has not submitted his written representation.

  5. Government after careful examination of the matter and keeping in view of the findings of Enquiry Officer, it has been decided to impose a penalty of withholding of one Annual Grade Increment without cumulative effect against the charged officer Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner, Jaggaiahpet Municipality, Krishna District.

   6. Accordingly, Government hereby order to impose a penalty of withholding of one Annual Grade Increment without cumulative effect against Sri A.Venkat Rao, the then Municipal Commissioner, Jaggaiahpet Municipality, Krishna District.

  7. The Director of Municipal Administration, A.P., Guntur shall take further necessary action in the matter, accordingly.

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