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Monday 22 October 2018

Southern India Science Drama Festival 2018 - Organizing District Level Science Drama Contest - Guidelines

The competition is open for school students from 6th to 10th Standard. Two winning teams from each of the seven states / UT can participate in the Southern India Science Drama Festival, which will be held at Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bengaluru from 28th -30th November 2018. For participation in state level science drama contest, contact respective state coordinators.
Theme: Science & Society
Sub Themes:
  1. Digital India
  2. Cleanness, Health Hygiene
  3. Green & Clean Energy
  4. Environment Conservation
Please note that the play could be based on anyone of the above sub themes and should convey a definite scientific message.
Guidelines for Script Writer:
  1. The drama should be entertaining and not mere an academic exercise. It should give emotional and aesthetic experience to the performers and also to the audience.
  2. The play should engage the audience and give educational message indirectly but effectively. The performers and the audience should feel happy that they have understood / learnt something new.
  3. While writing the play, care should be taken with regard to the settings, duration of the play and also the number of artists taking part in the drama.
  4. Guidelines for Participants:
  5. The duration of the play should not be more than 30 minutes.
  6. Each team will comprise of maximum of 10 members; 1 Director, 1 Script writer and maximum of 8 stage artists (Male / Female Actors).
  7. The play should convey science message.
  8. The drama team should be able to set up and stage the play within 5-10 minutes.
  9. The language should be easy to follow (more of visuals preferred).
  10. The drama can be in any Indian official languages.
  11. The director of the drama may use special costumes, dance, music, mime, models, props etc to accentuate the overall look of the drama for better communication of the underline message of the drama.
  12. Written posters / banners / A.V. aids / backdrops can be used for illustration.
  13. If presented in any language other than in Hindi or English, the participating school has to submit an authentic Hindi / English translation of the script to the organizer well before staging the drama.
Judging Criteria: Total Marks: 100
a.Presentation of the drama 50 Marks
b.Scientific content in the drama 30 Marks
c.Effectiveness of the drama 20 Marks
All the participating teams of SISDF 2018 will get prizes in the form of cash okind. The panel of Judges will select the following individual prizes Best Direction -One prize Best script -One prize Best Actor -One prize Best Acress -One prize 
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