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Monday 3 September 2018

Teachers Day Celebrations on September, 2018 - Instructions to Awardees Rc.No.126

Proc.Rc.No.126/MC/2018 Dt:02.09.2018
Sub:- Secondary Education -Minority Cell . Teachers Day Celebrations on 5th September, 2018 -on the Eve of Dr. Dr.Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan Birthday - Instructions to Awardees -selected list communicated -Regarding.

Read:- Proc.Rc. No.126/MC/2018, dt; 17.07.2018 of this office.
In continuation of the reference read above, all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education 6: District Educational Officers in the State are informed that State Selection Committee have selected State Best Teachers Awards 6: NFTW Awards for the year 2018. (Copy of the lists are enclosed).
Therefore all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education ft District Educational Officer in the State are requested to issue instructions to the Awardee Teachers' (Teacher's Instructions Statement enclosed) and also direct the State Awardees and NFTW Awardees to report at Nirmala High School, Atmakur, Managalagiri besides NH -16, Guntur on 04/09/2018 at 11 AM OR" #5 for registration and also instruct the Awardees to occupy their seats at CK. Conventions, Beside DGP office, Mangalagiri, Guntur district on 05.09.2018 at

07.30 A.M.

For any information contact Mobile Nos.
Deputy Director9618437456
MEO Tenali9676963364
MEO Mangaligiri9908130861
End: List enclosed.
  1. The Awardees are requested to attend the meeting of "Teacher Awardees"
  2. convened by the Commissioner of School Education on 04.09.2018 at Nirmala . High School, Atmakur, Managalagiri besides NH -16, Guntur by 11.00 am.
  3. They should hand over their T.A. Bills along with Name of the Account Holder, Bank Account No., Branch Name, IFSC Code, Train Bus Ticket to MC-Section on 04-09-2018. TA &. DA will be paid through online after scuritization/confirmation by the Accounts Section 010 Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Ibrahimpatnam, Amaravathi.
  4. . 3The Awardees are requested to occupy their seats Allotted to them in the CK. Conventions, Beside DGP office, Mangalagiri, Guntur district on 05.09.2018 by
  5. 07.30 AM without fail.
  6. They are requested to wear the badges supplied to them without fail. If not they are not allowed to enter into function hall to receive their Awards by Security staff. One Entrance pass will be issued to each Awardee who is allowed to receive the Awards.
  7. They will be called on to the dais to receive the awards as per serial number given to them.
  8. They are requested to proceed to the dais immediately from the right side Staircase and return to their seats from left side staircase after receiving the awards.
  9. They are requested to receive the awards in a peaceful manner. After getting down from the dais, they are requested to verify the certificate and Cheque if any mistake is found it should be brought to the notice of the Deputy Director (Academic)/Assistant Director (Text Books) Superintendent (MC) concerned available on the side of dais immediately for rectification.
  10. They are requested not to loiter in the Hall and Out side the premises during the function. They are requested to sit in their seats till the completion of the function, even after receiving their award.
  11. The family members of the awardees may sit in the place allotted for them.
  12. They arrequested to extend their co-operation with the Department to make the function successfully.
  13. Theare requested to attend the meeting of Teacher Awardees convened by the Commissioner of School Education at 11 AM on 04.09.2018 at Nirmala high School, Atmakur, Managalagiri besides NH -16, Guntur.

Download proceedings and List of Awardees
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