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Monday 30 July 2018

Andhra Pradesh Treasury and Accounts service Rules 1962 – Amendments G.O.MS.No.116

                                     FINANNCE (ADMN.I) DEPARTMENT

G.O.MS.No. 116 Dated: 30-077-2018 

Read thhe following:
1. G.O. Ms. No 953, GGeneral Administration Department, Dt. 29-006-1962.
2. G.O. Ms.No.116, FFinance (Admn.I) Department, Dt.02-05-19888 .
3. G.O. Ms.No.161, FFinance (Admn.I) Department, Dt.07-07-20077.

Government have issuedd Adhoc Rules for the post of Joint Director in Treasuries and Accounts Department in thhe G.O. second read above.
Subsequently, Governmment have issued Adhoc Rules for the post oof Additional Director in Treasuries and Accoounts Department in the G.O. third read abovve.
Further, Government haave decided to amend the Andhra Pradesh Trreasuries and Accounts Service Rules suitablyy.
Accordingly the followinng notification will be published in the A.P. GGazette:


In exercise of the powwers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution of India and in su upersession of Adhoc Rules issued in the G.O.. Ms.No.116, Finance (Admn.I) Departmentt, Dt. 02.05.1988 and G.O. Ms.No.161, Finannce (Admn.I) Department, Dt. 07-07-2007, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh herebyy makes the following amendments to the Andhra Pradesh Treasury and Accounts seervice Rules, 1962 issued in G.O. Ms.No.9953, General Administration (Rules) Departtment, dated 29th June, 1962, as subsequentlyy amended from time to time.


In the said Rules:
1) In Rule 2., against the CCATEGORY-2, the following shall be insertedd namely:
“(i) Additional Direcctor of Treasuries and Accounts.
(ii) Joint Director oTreasuries and Accounts.”
2) In Rule- 3, in the table, for the categories (1) and (2), the following Categories and Method of appointment shall be substituted in columns (1) and (2) respectively:
Category (1)Method of Appointment (2)
1.Director AccountsofTreasuries&By promotion from category 2(i) i.e. Additional Director of Treasuries Accounts; or if no suitable and qualified member is available for promotion from category 2(i), by recruitment by transfer of a member holding the post of Deputy Secretary to Government in Finance Department or Financial Advisor to Government in any Department of Secretariat.
2.i.Additional Director of Treasuries and AccountsBy promotion from the category 2(ii) i.e. Joint Director of Treasuries and Accounts.
ii.Joint Director of Treasuries and AccountsBy promotion from the category of 3 i.e. Deputy Director/Chief Accounts Officer of Treasuries & Accounts Service or by recruitment by transfer of a member holding the post of Assistant Secretary to Government in the Finance Department of the Secretariat.

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