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AP 11th PRC Sanction of staff and expenditure - Orders G.O.M.S.No.75

G.O.M.S.No.75,Dt.04.06.2018 Pay Revision Commission– Revision of Pay Scales –Constitution of Pay Revision Commission –Sanction of staff and expenditure - Orders

 Finance (HR.II)  Department   
G.O.Ms.No.75  Dated:04.06.2018 
 Read the  following: 
1.  G.O.Ms.No.72, General  Administration (SC.A)Dept.,  dt.18.05.2018.
In  the  reference  read above,  orders  were  issued  constituting  the  11th  Pay Revision Commission  for  the State Government  employees.
2. Government  decided to  sanction  the  staff to  assist  the  above  pay  revision commission  and  hereby accords  sanction  for creation  of  the  following  supporting staff  for assisting the  Pay Revision  Commission  on  temporary  basis.
3. In  addition  to  the above temporary  posts,  the Pay  Revision  Commission  is also permitted to  outsource  the services  for  office  assistance  through  qualified agencies  duly  defining  the service parameters  for  monitoring  performance. 
4. The Finance (OP.I/OP.II)  Departments  shall  take  further  necessary  action to  fill  up  the  posts  sanctioned.
 5. The  expenditure  shall  be  debited  to  the  Head of  Account  “2052-  Secretariat General  Services  – MH.090  –  Secretariat – S.H.(06)  – Finance  Department”.
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