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Friday 20 April 2018

Machine Learning Drop-out prediction programme website Instructions and User Manual Rc.No.149

                                 PROCEEDINGS OF THE STATE PROJECT DIRECTOR
Rc.No.149 Date : 19.04.018

Sub: - APSSA,Amaravati- Machine Learning Drop-out prediction programrne website Instructions -Issued-Reg.

All the Project Officers, Sarva ShikshaAbhiyan in the state are informed that The Andhra Pradesh Government Machine Learning Drop-out prediction programme was implemented through Microsoft Corporation Ltd for two 2 years from the academic year 2016-17 with the intention of predicting the probable Drop-out based on specific parameters of the students like academic, economical and social parameters for taking remedial action. The details can be accessed through the link mentioned below with the following login Id and Password:
Log in Id: Admin
 The login user manual is enclosed for guidance. The project officers are requested to inform all the MEOs, HMs regarding the app and take appropriate follow-up measures like counseling the identified children for reducing the drop outs.
Encl: Microsoft Drop-out Prediction User Manual
How to download dropout predictions of your school children:
1.Link - 
2.Login using ID and password
3.View Reports under the top menu item
4.Power BI reports
5.Reports will be visible for the scope as defined by the Logged-in Role – State, District, Mandal or School level.
6.Click on the   icon to focus/ zoom into the details of each visual.
7.On the ‘Home’ page, select the required details – District -> Mandal -> School -> Class
and retrieve the list of students at High risk of drop out, students expected to Continue or All students.

8.Download the dropout predictions for the applied filter into an ‘Excel’ (.csv format) by clicking the ‘Download Excel’ button.

Download proceedings copy
Download Microsoft Drop-out Prediction User Manual
Click here to download dropout predictions of your school children
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