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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Municipal teachers promotions Clarifications and Latest Schedule Memo.No.3276,dt.19.02.18

Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017-J3, dated: 19.02.2018.
Sub: Municipal Administration Department - Teaching Establishment - Filling up of vacancies through Promotions - Fixation of Inter-Se-Seniority of Municipal Teachers - Certain Clarification sought for by the RDMAs - Reiterated the clarifications - Revised schedule issued - Further instructions issued - Regarding.
1. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3-2, dt.06.12.20 17.
2. Lr.Roc.No.475/2015IA6, dt.l0.12.2017 of the RDMA, Visakhapatnam.
3. Lr.Roc.No.90/20 17/A2, dt.l1.12.20 17 of the RDMA, Rajahmahendravaram.
4. Lr.Roc.No.1557112017/A4, dt.l1.12.2017 of the RDMA, Guntur.
5. Lr.Roc.No.1188/2017/A3, dt.l1.l2.2017 of the RDMA, Anantapur.
6. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/20 17IJ3-1, dt.20.12.2017 addressed to the Govt.
7. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3-1, dt.20.l2.2017.
8. Govt.Memo.No.881534/D1I2017-2, dated.30.01.2018.
9. This office Lr.Roc.No.3276/2017/J3, dt.31.01.2018.
         In continuation of the letter 9th cited, all the Regional Director-cum-Appellate Commissioners in the State are requested to conduct counselling as per the time schedule for Teacher promotions and get ready with the proceedings on the same day and issue the same on 25.02.2018, so as to facilitate the promoted teachers to join in the new station on 28.02.2018 (who are going to retire from service on 28.02.2018) duly indicating the following instructions :
  •  All the promotions shall purely on temporary basis, subject to outcome of the valid appeals and court cases, if any.
  •  After completion of the counselling, issue promotion orders to all the eligible teachers with a direction to report in the new promotion post by 28.02.2018, without fail (to maintain uniformity in the date of joining).
  • After joining the teacher in the new post, all the promoted Teachers are directed to work in the old station in the old post up to completion of Academic Year i.e.23.04.2018 on work adjustment basis.
  • All the teachers who are drafted on work adjustment shall report back to their school on the last working day qf the Academic Year with prior intimation to the Commissioner of the respective ULB.
  • The Commissioners of ULBs concerned shall relieve and admit the promote Teachers without any deviation.
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