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Friday 19 January 2018

Transfers 2017-Not relieved teachers - Instructions Rc.No.1882 dt.18.01.18

Rc.No.1882/Estt-III/2017     Date: 18-01-2018
Sub:-School Education -Teachers Transfers 2017 -Not Relieved Teachers -Certain instructions -Issued -Reg.
 Read:-1. Reports of the DEOs in the State.
  1. This office Procgs.Rc.No: 1882/Estt.III/2017. dated: 17.10.2017 & 10.11.2017.
  2. This office Procgs.Rc.No; 1882/Estt.III/2017. dated: 04-12-2017.
All the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that as per information furnished by them, the following are the not relieved teachers during Teachers Transfers Counselling 2017 due to non availability of relievers.
Particulars of Not Relieved Teachers
District No.of non relieved Teachers Teachers Transfers Counselling-2017 Transferred during 2013, 2015 but not relieved till date.
Due to completion of 8 years Transferred under Preferential Category Transferred under Spouse Category Request Transfers
Srikakulam 86 21 2 9 52 2
Vizianagaram 40 16 1 2 27 0
Visakhapatnam 176 43 3 23 107 0
East Godavari 148 39 06 15 117 01
West Godavari 72 34 3 10 59 0
Krishna 2 2
Guntur 35 15 0 2 18 0
Prakasam 28 21 1 2 4 0
Nellore 88 37 3 5 43
Chittoor 246 98 6 28 114
Kurnool 145 41 7 15 82 0
Kadapa 24 15 2 1 6
Ananthapur 94 11 3 18 62 0
Total 1184 391 37 132 691 3
Further. they were informed to upload the details of not relieved teachers of the following categories during Teachers Transfers Counselling 2017 due to non availability of relievers.
a) Teachers completed 8 years of the Service in the school.
b) Transferred under preferential category.
c) Transferred under spouse category.
d) Transferred during 2013. 2015
Also instructed to upload the names of surplus teachers proposed from within Mandai/Neighbouring Mandai against the teacher to be relieved.
In the reference cited. all the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State and all the DEOs in the State are instructed to make alternative arrangements from the surplus teachers available within the Mandai if not neighbouring Mandai for the relief of unrelieved teachers in the categories of 8 years completed, preferential category, spouse category and who are transferred in 2013 & 2015 but not relieved. As on today only 70 not relieved teachers alone were relived.
Further, they were instructed to surmount the contingence the following steps should be taken up:
  1. Wherever possible, qualified surplus SGTs may be drafted in place of School Assistants yet to be relieved.
  2. Wherever possible for the relief of School Assistants/other teachers their opted places may be examined for breaking the inter-linkage of transfers so as to ensure for the relief of maximum no of teachers.
  3. It is observed that certain DEO pool teachers deputed to the schools where there is no need in fhat school. Such teacher may be withdrawn and deputed as substitute to the unrelieved teachers.
The District Educational Officers of Visakhpaatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari and SPSR Nellore are arranged the substitute for nof reliving Teachers. As per reports of District Educational Officers the following Not relived teachers are relived:
S.No District Number uploaded and relived
1 Visakhapatnam 6
2 East Godavari 30
3 West Godavari 34
4 SPSR Nellore 30
Total 100
The total 1084 not relived teachers have to be relived and to be adjusted are still pending.
Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State are instructed to submit compliance report in the following proforma immediately.
51.No Name of the District No. Of relieved Teachers Un No. Of Teachers relived after adjustment No.of Un relived teachers to be relived. Reasons for not relieved
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