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Wednesday 31 January 2018

Municipal teachers promotions Clarifications and Schedule Memo.No.3276,dt.31.01.18

 Clarifications for Municipal teachers promotions by DMA AP vide Rc No 3276 dt 31.1.2017
>>Fresh Roaster points starting from 1 as dist unit for promotions will be followed.
>>In the 5 districts vijaya nagaram, krishna,EG, prakasam Where DSC merit ranks not avilable inter se seniority lists may be prepared as per marks intetms of rule 36( iii) of AP subordinate service rules.In remaing 8 dists as per dsc merit rank.
>>610 GO Transfered teachers to be inserted in seniority lists as per dsc merit vide rule 36
>>>DSC 2008 Teachers seniority to be fixed over and above promoted during 2008 to 2011
>>All promotions to be effected as per municipal service rules issued  vide G.O.Ms No 362 & 363
>>RDMAS are appointing authorities for municipalities in District  and Municipal corporations in dist
>>Commissioners are competent to effect promotions in GVMC and VMC
Primotion Schedule:
>>Seniority lists finalisation feb 5to 7
>>objections:  from Feb 8 to 14
>>Disposal of objections:Feb15 to 16
>>panel lists& vacancies: Feb 17 to 20
>>Councelling: Feb 21 to 24
>>Issue of orders: Feb 25 to 26
Download Municipal teachers promotions Memo 3276,dt.31.01.2018
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