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Monday 6 November 2017

Instructions on ODF project work, student safety and security Rc.No.448 dt.02.11.17

Rc.No. 448/CSE/DC/SwachhVidyalaya/2017, dated: 02 .11.2017
1. Note from the Principal Secretary, PR & RWS, No.88(19)/SAM/COO(S)/GEN/2017, dt: 26.09.2017.
2. Govt. Memo. No.88(19)/SAM/COO(S)/GEN/2017-GENL, dt: 27.09.2017 of the Special Chief Secretary Government, A.P.
3. Directions of Hon’ble CM at the Cabinet Meeting dated 10.10.2017.
4. Lr. No. /APSSA/CWs/MGNREGS Funds/2017-18, dated: -10-2017 of the State Project Director, SSA, A.P, Amaravati.
5. This office proceedings even no., dated: 12.10.2017.
6. Review of Hon’ble Chief Minister of A.P in V.C on 27.10.2017.
7. This office proceedings even no., dated: 27.10.2017.
       The attention of all the District Educational Officers in the state is invited to the references cited above relating to ODF Action Plan. In continuation of the reference 7th cited instructions are reiterated herewith to ensure that students of Class IX are encouraged to take up ODF related Project works such as identifying households that do not have IHHLs and motivate the parents / villagers to construct the IHHLs and use them. HHSs by Such students are to be awarded marks as a part of ODF action plan as already instructed in the reference cited 5 above..
   Further, the following instructions are hereby issued for ensuring safety and security to the Students while conducting field visits for motivating the parents / villagers towards achieving 100% ODF by 31st March 2018.
1. The project work is purely mentioned for by motivating the parents / villagers for construction / sustained usage of IHHLs.
2. The project work is to verify the list of Households, confirm the status of IHHLs, create awareness and duly motivate the parents / villagers to construct and use IHHL at their homes.
3. The Headmasters and Teachers shall take responsibility in batching and matching of IX Class students by formation of student groups consisting of 5-10 students and indicating the number and details of IHHL the construction and utilisation of which they are to ensure as part of the project work.
4. Batching and matching shall be done by allotting targeted IHHL in the student's own GP/village/habitation.
5. Headmasters are instructed to batch and match students by using Proforma A (where is there no IHHL) , Proforma B (for sustainable usage of existing IHHLs) Proforma C ( mapping of schools with villages and keeping of responsible teacher supervisors).
6. One student will be kept as Group Leader to lead the project work.
7. The Headmaster should keep teachers preferably Social Studies Teacher(s), / teacher trained in WASH programme / PD or (and) PET as teacher supervisors for the project work.
8. The teacher who is kept as teacher supervisor should accompany the student groups during field visits for the safety and security of the students.
9. The Headmaster / Teacher should explain all safety precautions to be taken during the field visits to the teachers and the students before starting the field visits and monitor their safe return to school point/home.
10. At least one female teacher should be the escort teacher, especially where girl students are participating in the field visits.
11. The Headmasters, teachers and SMC collectively should create awareness among the parents of the students those who are participating in project work, that they are doing the project work to create the awareness in achieving 100% ODF.
        Therefore, all District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to give necessary instructions to the all Dy.E.Os / MEOs / Headmasters / Teachers to follow the above instructions for effective project works with safety and security of the students while conducting project works in field visits.
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